Aquarius 20° (February 9)


I’m actually writing this on February 6 because, as per never, I’m ahead of myself in this. It was actually so warm on Cape Cod yesterday that we drove around with the windows down and went for a long walk without coats. It’s real. That thing spoke last evening. We didn’t watch. Nixonian I hear. I’m waiting until it’s over I have to say. I’m done having my spirit dragged down by the daily news.

So I’m going to continue with thoughts on the Libra and work my way into Scorpio material. Really what I’m doing right now is opening new talks on the subjects. I might end up saying things I’ve said in the past, which is also fine, because the ways into the material are always new; and the same is true for where points connect to one another, on the linear path of the next character, word, phrase, run-on sentence, my favorite kind. Telling anyone to write in short snappy sentences is a learned affectation. It is tantamount in my mind to limiting expression. Anyway, I will be napping today as I awoke at 4 o’clock and I have to last through a dinner date ce soir.

So I was saying about Libra that: For the Libra, who often needs a perfectly clean, ordered environment to work in or who will change hotel rooms or restaurant tables until the vibe or feng shui is just right, there is always the sense that things could be that much more soignée, conceptually, beautifully balanced. For these children of lyric Apollo—the very invention of the word stems from the god’s playing of the lyre—all must be poetry as much as it can be. Deterining whether it is or isn’t is a conceptual exercise, art being a battle of opinions waged against would-be abstract absolutes. Art hangs us in the balance, puts us on the Libra scales. And like works of art themselves, Libra people may divide public opinion. For all their understated elegance, Libras, being defacto personifications of principle, come on strong. On the other hand they can suffer from insecurity and tend to take situations, circumstance experience more personally than others. They can be intense in close relationship in that they were born to partner and naturally bond very deeply, synergy being the subconscious goal, to the point that the relationships itself will take on its own, third-party entity. And we’re back to the myth of Daphne and the other of Apollo’s love objects, male and female, who rebuked him whereupon he turned them into trees. He cursed his priestess Cassandra by giving her a certain gift prophecy, an aspect of his divine domain, which, paradoxically, nobody would heed or believe.

In the history of the pantheon, Apollo is not an early arrival. Scholars note that much of his artsy estate originally belonged to Aphrodite/Venus, namesake of the sign’s planet ruler. The second half of the Zodiac begins rather ironically. The so-called opposite sign of Aries (self) to Libra (other), Aries is a masculine sign fittingly ruled by Mars, followed by feminine Taurus ruled by female Venus. The second half of the Zodiac begins with Libra a masculine sign ruled by Venus, followed by Scorpio, a feminine sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. And so these feminine attributes of beauty, grace, love are conceptualized via the masculine, mental air sign of Libra into sexless starry notions. Apollo is not warm and cozy, and, despite his gleaming perfections, he is not his father Zeus’ inheritor—in fact Zeus fears Apollo will overthrow him. Thus Apollo is akin to another light bringer, Lucifer or Luke Skywalker (a rather parapetic interpretation of the cardinal-air insignation of the sign!). Apollo’s introduction to the pantheon coincided, too, with the ideal (a very Libran word) of the love between males being a higher form of love than the heterosexual variety in keeping with a cultural shift that now favored patriarchy, particularly in Athens, as opposed to feminist Sparta, where women had far fewer rights.

Libra women might have metaphysically inherited an axe to grind on that score. They are as reclaimers and proponents of latent female power….


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