Leo 0° (July 22)


We were supposed to have three or four clients today, which was one of the reasons we’d sprung for a hotel suite; but alas we only had one in person and another by Skype but it was nonetheless important as both sessions proved rewarding. S. had a late afternoon appointment , and despite attempts to distract myself with some kind of excitement, I ended up just doing busy work on the festival and let her run the errands for some take away (pho once again) and a bottle of organic La Stoppa, which tastes like the inside of a barn populated by many animals, this, in my opinion, being a very good thing. Not much else happened except the random watching of an old episode of “Downtown Abbey” when Shirley Maclaine first arrived on the scene. I never watched the show with any kind of regularity but I do remember being let down by what I thought would be a standoff for the ages between her and Maggie Smith. Pointed squinting and the pursing of lips versus distainful mugging and being taken aback amid double takes. They did the best they could, upon second viewing, given the anemic level of the writing. Whole plots and characters for that show were lifted from “Upstairs Downstairs” which was, by contrast and in any case, rather brilliant. The day being limited in activity, it is short on words.


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