Cancer 29° (July 21)


Headed into Boston for the day and stayed at the Eliot, had a lovely time just getting thoughts together before the trip and took myself out for oysters at Select, a bit of a splurge, before and even splurgier meal at Uni. But, honestly, I couldn’t remember the last time we ate out—I have been diligent for months, shopping and cooking (and cleaning) and so a little throwing of cash around felt if not justified than harmless.

It was fun to take a little time to get the ya-ya’s out although I have enjoyed better ways. I received a note (en fin) from TK It read:

Hey Quinn,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my lack of clarity and communication.  Without going into it, the production I am in has been emotionally and politically fraught and exhausting. My body desperately needs a break from performance, and my lag in communication was an immature expression of that. So for that I am sorry! 

I checked in to the website today and saw that my name is not on the poster any longer. Though I regret my communication, I know afterglow is not in the cards for me this year. Wish I could have said it so simply before. I know how hard it is to run a festival and to coordinate artists and it is in no way my interest to contribute unnecessarily to that labor.  I wish you the best of luck this year. The lineup is really great. Please allow me to take you out for a coffee or a drink some time when you are in the city and reconnect. 

Thanks and have a blast,


I haven’t been able to write her back as yet. And it will likely take me some time indeed. Because despite her contrition, she was a total nightmare to me via text and email, trying to blame me for her having to come up with the goods when, um, all I did was invite her to be in the festival. She never sent her contract so I wrote her to say please give me the go-ahead to start printing and such, which she did. She cost me time and she cost me money. The time is my problem. The money is given to me in the form of donations. She doesn’t really care about that. She just doesn’t want me to bad mouth her. Which I’d never do (ha ha). Enough about her for now. I’m sick to death of the narcissists taking up so much damn time. I do this out of kindness, not out of profit. And when the artists start being a problem, well, then, you know it’s time to close up shop. Which I very well might do.

I ate a ton at dinner and got many greasy stains on my clothing. And when I tried to get them out by hand with some soap I ended up bleaching my tee-shirts. Collateral damage. What can you do? And really the same went for my trousers which were less stained and thus less damaged by my attempts at cleaning them. I hung them in the hotel bathroom and, though they improved not a lot, still plan to wear them, at this point, as my “plane clothes” because a) they are the most comfortable choice from my wardrobe; and b) I had determined that this would comprise my “plane clothes” and thus, given my inability to veer from even the smallest intended plan, I felt compelled (from the same root as compulsion) to carry out that plan.


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