I fell of the Blague wagon again, oh no! Well it has been a busy couple of days. Fun, rewarding days. But I’ve been burning the two ended candle and now I’m in bed catching up. So at Aquarius 8┬░ we have Beautifully┬áGowned Wax Figures On Display and it’s meant to inspire us. No really. These figures are “exemplars”, representatives of the archetypes of a new culture. Of course what sign other than Scorpio would rule a spooky symbol with wax-works. We are being shown new forms and ways of social interaction. The figures are impersonal, very fitting for the detached sign of Aquarius. The figures are heralds of a new order, just as the archetypes of Aquarius, like Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, also brings that same good news. That’s all I’m going to say about this. It’s not a deep symbol.

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