Capricorn 30°/Aquarius 0° (January 20)

The day was mostly good, of course. And yet it ended badly. Despite every action I made there is no way to avoid this power struggle. Each one of us is monarch of heaven. And there cannot be but one. So, it is becoming clear that we need not share a universe but head our own. Which is probably what occurred to Endora and Maurice in Bewitched. So, no big deal? We will one of us adopt a heavy blue eye shadow and a collection of indoor, winter caftans, and the other will dance around the planet, martini glass in hand, tuxedoed, trying not to let any shakes show. Fine. If that’s the way this cookie crumbles than so be it. I am tired of running east to hold up this wall and west to hold up that and south and north. Tired, tired, tired of it all. There has to be some kind of break from all this. And, so there will be. It needn’t be catastrophic or cataclysmic or chasmatic (I word I just made up). It can be just fine that this occurs. Divide and conquer in a poignant way. Probably more normal a dynamic than the one we’ve been living. Other couples, even those who “work together” aren’t as attached at the hip as we are in any event. So we are now living in a grown-up, non-dysfunctional world for the first time in a long time

God it felt so good to write the last paragraph of the last entry just now as I am writing all of this in real time. Starting tomorrow I will no longer be indebted to anyone (emotionally, at least) also between you and me I don’t want to go on said craft, I just don’t. It won’t be enjoyable for me so why bother. Needless to say, the Inauguration was incredible, and we cried and had a great day together, but it didn’t end all too well. We were having dinner and I was factually speaking about my observances of real-estate prices and somehow this struck some kind of personal nerve. And bluey! Anyway, it will pass as it always does, meanwhile I know that sometimes things have to break and tear and that the healing scars are ultimately stronger than the original, and I’m okay with that. Battle scars are a good thing in the end, of this I am quite certain. And once again, today is a very good day. A very good day indeed. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1471-1475. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

So yesterday was pretty interesting in the end. I did manage to get very creative and let my imagination go a little wild and enjoyed some alone time just doing some home grooming and going through some clothes and costumes really. I’m going to focus now on getting some more thoughts on Aries down on paper, having moved the needle a bit, too, on casting the festival and series. People are by and large seeming very dysfunctional and disconnected. I know it’s because of this cultural (if you can call it that) climate. We have to all step up our pussies at this point. While, on the note, even Drag Race seems rigged. The thing we need to do is be kind to one another. This is the most important thing we can do. We need to emphasize the fact that we are the majority. That Above Us Only Skydocumentary of John & Yoko really hit the fact home. It harkened to a time when even celebrities didn’t want to be—they struggled against it in the name of artistry. I have gotten myself so riled up by what’s going on in our country and yet shouldn’t I be outraged. Shouldn’t we organize and take to the streets. Isn’t this outrageous enough? Maybe not for enough people. Anyway I have spent the morning enraged so I better get back to some astrological thoughts that need doing. Right as I said I was talking about Aries:

Aries also governs the human ages of birth to seven years, that which is defined by adjectives like “terrible” and nouns like “tantrum”, when a person is at once the most helpless and the most shriekingly selfish and demanding, others be damned. Even supposedly fierce Mars/Ares was a big baby who would run from the battlefield crying for his mommy if he received the slightest wound. There is a lot to unpack here. The cardinal-fire sign, which translates to a spark (of life), our ignition and animation, also signifies our purpose, the Aries personality can be impulsive and reactionary and unbridled—think Jack Jack in The Incredibles. Mars signifies pure energy, that fight, spearheading goals and otherwise taking life by storm, but it also translates to the other adrenalin effect, that of flight. Athena mainly stays above the fray, employing strategy and diplomacy and prudence to support her aims. And so it is no surprise that the most singularly directed of sign-energies in the Zodiac, that Aries people are themselves singular, self-motivated, me-me-me, every wo/man for themself. They typically have pinpointed campaigns and quests they’re determined to go on and they do so, unapologetically, with a certain vigiliance. It’s as if they can’t separate what might appear to us to be selfish-from a self-originating sense of duty toward the fulfillment of their objectives. Aries feel they were bornto do whatever they aim for—that it is in their Mars-ruled blood— endowed (and sometimes burdened) with an outsized mantle of import; such that the pull of said goals feels heightened to that of a spiritually calling. Or maybe it’s vice versa—that Aries people, by virtue of their ardor, lend their pursuits this exaggerated sense. The point is that the singular Aries, despite their gender, doesn’t second guess it. Incidentally, Aries people seem to be most binary in nature in regard to gender with a smaller sector of trans people among them as compared with other signs.

            In our book Sextrology, we likened the Aries woman to the female sheep—hey Ewe!—who keeps herself aloft, on her climb, watching male rivals vie for her below; mostly this speaks to the Aries’ woman’s ability to raise herself above arguments in wise Athenian fashion, if not pit opponents against one another to elevate her own position. And though there is the usual overlap between the sexes of the same sign, you still might say with confidence that, as a rule, Aries man tends to be embody the warrior most often on the frontline, while Aries woman is cooly strategizing from her metaphoric war room. She may may adopt lambish air if only to pull the wool. Why sheep?, you may ask. Well, besides the warlike qualities of the Ram, in mythology, the war god Ares/Mars evolved from an agrarian shepherd god, really a male fertility figure. Possibly deriving from the more ancient Minoan snake goddesses, armed as they are with serpents, and also from the bird goddesses like the wargoddess Inana and Ishtar, Athena, with her signature breastplate—the sheepskin aegisthat bears the venomous snake-haired head of the Gorgon—is associated with the owl, her wise totem, whose form she takes. Snakes and birds. Athena emerged a defender deity, among other attributes, as a palace goddess, inextricably linked to namesake Athens, although her Pallas pre-fix is more suggestive of phallus than palace, as she is eternally depicted wearing full masculine, martial garb.

            We likewise link Athena, in the biblical line, to Lilith, Adam’s first wife, predating Eve just as Aries precedes Taurus, whose own female archetype isEve and other such “innocents.” Lilith and Adam split up because they both preferred the top position, and she was winged—that element of flight—with serpentine qualities all her own. You might say all of the associative Aries goddesses are archetypes of feminism—and we do find a slew of feminists born under this sign, Gloria Steinem included. The symbols for Athena is a triangle or diamond shape set upon a cross—these portray yoni power above all. It is not a passive symbol of reception like the Venus glyph with it’s circular womb above a crossed staff (hymen), but, like Mars’ own genital “spear-and-shield ” symbol, it is one of definite action, even if on the defensive, blocking, a hard-knocks nod to the Ram, which, in nature, thus vividly defends its flock. The gender dialectic between men and women, cisgender or transgender, in the sign of Aries, is  not one of the virile masculine to the passive feminine but along a spectrum spanning from the purest objectifying masculinity to the most ardent feminism, refusing objectification.

            No surprise the sign of Aries rules the head—we enter the world head first, as a rule, and Aries people never abandon that trajectory. This speaks to the Aries experience, suggesting they come into this world armed with their sense of purpose and ambition, again, Athena, born in full armour, ready to do battle.  She is the goddess of helmsmen, those steering the ship—she and brother Ares wear plumed helmets—and the Aries personality is pinioned on leadership and taking the reins. Ares starts wars, the first to charge into attack just as his more ancient shepherd status saw him likewise leading his “charge”, that is to say, the sheep in his keep. Leadership, initiation, action, ambition are all Aries’ strongest suits, as is coming on strong in situations, for better or worse. Aries energy is lean and mean. People of the sign travel light, unwilling to be saddled with unnecessary emotional baggage or undue responsibility for others. They stick to a specific, niche agenda, focussed narrowly on a singular goal at any given time. They do, however, expect others to support their causes and further their aims, taking even seeming disinterest in their enterprises very personally indeed. The shadow side of the warrior is that s/he is most readily and deeply wounded by circumstance the rest of us may more easily shrug off.

Another great and harrowing (nerves on edge) Fosse/Verdon. My real red-haired mother (who took me to see Chicago with the original cast) and Gwen Verdon must have been so similar as people because I swear Michelle Williams is channeling her. The voice, the laugh, the way she holds her body. And I’ve counted now five actual exact wardrobe items. Anybody out there who knew Peggy please watch and tell me if I’m wrong. It’s truly freaky. Consider that somewhat of a late Mother’s Day posting. (Like most holidays, it’s something I avoid, because it’s truthfully just too damn painful.) I never stay up late enough to watch the show when it airs, so Wednesday mornings are my ususal viewing time, over coffee. But honestly I felt as if I needed a sedative, myself, after watching Sam Rockwell do his Fosse bit, which married so tightly to the film All That Jazz. Meanwhile the girly playing Ann Reinking has the voice down pat. I wonder what the really Annie thinks about it all. (Quick break to Google her). Wow she’s been married four times and none to Bob Fosse.

It’s still so fucking freezing out, here, in New England. Anyway I’ve got to continue my work today and that means polishing up some thoughts, still, on the sign of Aries:

Ares starts wars, the first to charge into attack just as his more ancient shepherd status saw him likewise leading his “charge”, that is to say, the sheep in his keep. Leadership, initiation, action, ambition are all Aries’ strongest suits, as is coming on strong in situations, for better or worse. Aries energy is lean and mean. People of the sign travel light, unwilling to be saddled with unnecessary emotional baggage or undue responsibility for others. They stick to a specific, niche agenda, focussed narrowly on a singular goal at any given time. They do, however, expect others to support their causes and further their aims, taking even seeming disinterest in their enterprises very personally indeed. The shadow side of the warrior is that s/he is most readily affronted and deeply wounded by others’ opinions, behavior or attitude (in regard to them) which the rest of us may more easily shrug off. The sign’s motto I am is more than a declaration of self-evidence, it is one of an overblown sense of importance. They don’t take much in, blasé about what you or we might be up to, but they do expect others to experience and appreciate their impact.

The first astrological house is that of self, but also of the physical body. And embodiment is a key factor in the Aries experience. These are not vague, floppy or whatever type people. Aries are individuals who are one with their purpose, exemplars of embodiment. No other sign is more comfortable in their skin. Buddha was born under this sign and the default brand of Aries spirituality is rather DIY. Aries outsource nothing  on that score looking to themselves as the be all end all of their existence. What these spiritual warriors do struggle with is their need for atten-hut!The titles of the Aries male and female chapters in our book, Sextrology, are The Oneand The Original, respectively. Aries man, with his signature bluster and sense of entitlement, takes up a lot of space and  is especially engineered to live life as if he were the only person on the planet, for better or worse. Aries woman none too patiently demands credit for her unique abilities and ideas, expecting others to fast-track her ambitions. Both are determined to win this contest called life. The sproating horns of the Aries symbol, a sign of dominance for the male, is also called the wise brow and nose of Athena, signifying acumen in the female. Taken together, Aries is about taking the top spot, unapologetically emerging onto whatever desired scene, being held up as exemplary, premier, first and foremost.

I was thinking how it is, during the lead up to the election, that one of the new rules of the game, as Democrats, this time around, is that we aren’t “supposed” to say anything negative about any of the Democratic nominees, especially certain ones. So as we deal with the far right telling us that facts are fake news, our fellow democratic allies tell us we can’t air our opinions either if it’s going to be what they consider negative or “divisive.” First of all I didn’t realize that airing ones opinion from the privacy of ones own laptop could wield such power, and, second, grow the fuck up. I champion your right to your opinion and you should champion mine and everyone else’s, especially if we are talking nuance of personalities and policies within our own party. For example, I think Beto is a wannabe pop star and a bad political candidate and a narcissist who thinks posting a video of himself getting a haircut is interesting while Elizabeth Warren, who will likely not get the nomination (because she is a woman) is the most qualified and inspiriting person running in the field. Notice I said “I think.” In case you forgot that means that this is my opinion. I might also say “I believe”, an other indication I’m expressing an opinion. I have also said things like “my spidey sense tells me” (which is even less an expression of an opinion but what is commonly known as a hunch), for instance, that Bernie might be something of a plant in the presidential race. I don’t have to back it up with evidence. I’m not saying it’s a fact. I’m saying it’s a hunch. I am just as entitled to my hunches as I am to my opinions. And so are you. I have had people, actually friends, threaten to unfollow or unfriend me on social media because I’ve aired such “feelings” (I’m using this, now, as a synonym for hunch) because they “can’t handle it?” Really? you can’t handle people having opinions or airing their hunches in public? Well yes then please do unfriend or unfollow me because you sound pretty unstable to me. Meanwhile these are typically the same people that go on their own rants and jags. It’s cool whatever. The following will seem very similar to what I just said but that’s okay. I ranted separately in like fashion and am just pasting it in here.

I think it’s so important to realize that we are the majority albeit largely unarmed. At that I won’t say deplorables but I will say purposefully disenfranchised (that goal of not offering free education and healthcare in American society) have been made to feel desperate (feeling you’ve nothing to lose makes you dangerous) and militarized and bred to believe that the educated, motivated lovers of democracy who would seek to elevate that manipulated (made) segment of our population are the enemy of the people. Republicans are divided into a number of related camps. There are those who don’t want this country to be a democracy but a plutocracy bordering on an autocracy; the Russians are and have been involved for decades and there is a Republican camp that has been comprised to varying venal degrees that they are towing the plutocratic line because of the kompromat on them; and there are the so-called evangelicals. If the population is saddled with debt and no education (thus poverty level income) no healthcare which is more burdensome if you have babies and more mouths to feed then it is miles more difficult to rise from that disenfranchised state; and the Republican machinery continues to point the finger at us as the culprit so those poor people continue to villainize us and vote for them and learn to hate more and more based on race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. This is isn’t accidental. This has been designed for more than a half century. Graham, Barr, McConnell, on and on…they are not only the true culprits but the most compromised. They’ve had to sell their souls and band together. Even the devil-in-chief, who has been pro choice all his life, has had to change his tune. In his case (and the Russians knew this) that thing, like the Mountain in GOT, has no conscience and no humanity left in him. But we have to change tack too. Yes we must continue to do battle armed with justice and ideals and the Constitution but we must do more. We must first remember there are more of us then of them. And though we shouldn’t become militant and start buying guns ourselves—this would only be line their pockets anyway—we do need to wrap ourselves in true patriotic ideals and keep standing up together. As the Democratic leaders move toward (self-) impeachment we need to get ready for the fight of our lives. There should be weekly protests starting now. We need our politicians, yes, but also other voices. The power of celebrity can really work in our favor the way it did during the Viet Nam era. Only then John and Yoko leading the charge were still grass roots, humble individuals despite their wealth, a great deal of which they spent on peace and freedom. They weren’t going from award show to award show wondering what to wear next on the red carpet. They were in the same hotpants and jeans they wore yesterday. They weren’t deciding which interior designer would do up their next mansion, they were using their bed as a war room. Even our own “downtown” performers these days have lost their spirit of activism and are much more concerned about their own hair and wardrobe and what ussies they’re taking with their (even more) celebrity “friends.” What happened to us? What happened to War Is Over (if you want it)? What happened to Power to the People? Pre election, we all must know, that there will be a Trumped up reason to start yet another when we are still fighting two others (and those are just the ones that are on the books). This is Cersei Lannister stocking that explosive green stuff under the city and we are like so many Margery Tyrells, slowly boiling frogs, getting incrimentally used to the newest daily normal not noticing what is potentially really going on here. All the evils are related and money making. The building of “tent cities” aka concentration camps along our border lines the pockets of those building them while young girls, mainly, get separated and sold into sex slavery. But they are also an “invasion” so they are villified as they are victimized. The wall is a developmental contract for someone giving major kickbacks. And we infight over the fact that we can’t have our own opinions about which democratic candidate is crappy or not? Because that’s divisive. Beto is a bad candidate Warren is a good one. Are you going to get on me for saying that in this rant du jour? Are you going to unfriend me because I’d rather have Kamala than Bernie and say so? Am I your enemy? Or are you just being further distracted while you peruse pictures for the most recent Met Gala?

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