Aquarius 1°-2° (January 21)

I awoke today at 11:15! Like I’m a teenager! What an amazing feeling—and to realize that I had been so exhausted by these last four years without really understanding how much so. Also, my chronic back pain which had been plaguing me for….months?…a year?…more? was pretty much gone. I mean I sprang out of bed and noticed myself running up the stairs and I was completely shocked. A client the other day was talking about how she can’t stand blogs and such wherein the writer just makes an account of the doings of their day. I was stone faced, because, as you know that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing of late. That said, all the below stuff—the selection of past entries—isn’t quite all that.  And now I need to review and write about four to five pages of book draft…So here we are . I was just reading back on this day because I’m done five days on, Evan I’m talking about being exhausted for the last four years yes well these last few days I’ve been sleeping in scary Lake and I feel quite rested so I’m hoping that my insomnia is on its way out which would be a very good thing. I don’t remember what happened on this day let’s see It was a Thursday and I would have no idea what would have curd on that Thursday if I look at the menu maybe but yeah let me do that Inauguration aftermath some more partying . We had chicken and green beans not that that tells you anything the reason I’m writing now is because I’m I’m a bit of a high and I’m five days behind on this block as I said and I’ve also not moved the needle on the larger stuff but I’ll speak to that. What I sorry what I really want to do is get into the functionality of my organizational skills now within the larger timeframe which I’ve allotted each chapter in its writing I’m now ready to overachieve. I don’t want to live in the desert . I like the desert . I just don’t want to live in It . Thank you dictate function! So I turned the paragraph and I have the pleasure save that nobody possesses a greater appetite for life than he does arguably the most sensual of the signs embodiment of sense and sensibility inferring what others desire individually another grand scale I don’t know if that means an ongoing effort to appeal to others one’s taste needs I need a pencil OK so I’m going to sort of keep talking when I do this because A master of insouciance having folks believe his achievements happen naturally without effort and without help this does arms others and genders much more support helps him along careeer directions . He will have you believe two pure conduit of intellectual aesthetic artistic endowments to be self promoting in the process of such pure expression he may never outright invite patronage still he won’t suddenly engineer others taking his up if not  

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1476-1480. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

The Friday of the weekend before Memorial Day and I want to scream that familiar refrain: “I’m not ready!” But really that would only be in regard to some made up idea of what I feel I should feel (who am I kidding? I mean look) this close to “bathing suit season.” So let the starvation begin. Just joking. Not really. On the bright side I am making hay while the sun shines as best as I am able. So on to some new thoughts about Taurus…..

One of the things to admire most about a Taurean is their ability to hang a high price tag on themselves. They will do the work, cultivating themselves and their talents like a master gardner, playing nice, being pleasing, if not somewhat fauning and sycophantic which is always an inside-out expression of certain narcissism. The mirror is a recurring theme in the art, music, film and literature of Taurus creatives, and the natives tend to be very exacting in their appearance, cultivating a strong look that communicates not only their sensibilties but their intentions. They are, on this score, in a word, deliberate. This, along with practical and methodical and determined and focused are Taurus watchwords, being as myopic as real bulls are, metahporically speaking, of distractions or detractors, and also of their own artistic delusions. While being gluttons for attention Taurus people may be prone to overindulge their own appetites, at least that is the dime-story converntional wisdom. Moreso, they create hunger in others for themselves. This happens in positive ways, making people hanker for their skills and talents, but also finding ways to addict others to them. Taurus people collect other people in two ways: they will ingratiate themselves to those whose company reflects (there’s that mirror again) favorably on them, while they attract others, whom they might not give a figleaf about individually, who will provide them blanket worship.

Fixed signs tend not to be originators of ideas, waves or movements in their creative work thatthe cardinal signs (which precede them) are. They are imitators not initiators. Cardinal signs struggle with follow-through, sustenance, sustainability,  Taurus watchwords if we ever heard them. Fixed signs drill down (and sometimes get stuck) being are all things we might associate as fixed (okay, maybe not all). Taurus energy can be stubborn, obstinate, determined, deliberate, grounded, etc., terms to describe the bull itself. Taurus people avoid complication and outside confrontation at all costs—not to say they don’t cause their fare share trying to “get theirs,” but they feel we’ll deal with it. They can be condescending and dismissive, having a (too) high opinion of themselves. Overly sensitive and easily insulted, it’s best to keep censure you  may have for them to yourself and just limit interaction. It is near impossible for them to take criticism constructively. You might learn just how little you mean to them and find yourself on the outs. They go where the love is, to a fault. In our book Sextrologythe Taurus male and female chapters are called The Idoland The Ideal; in both cases: carefully cultivated creatures whose core raison d’êtreis to be appeciated. Any hint of the contrary is a non-starter. They want to be wanted, to hook you. They play the treat, if not the tart, and sometimes they’re like a drug, if not an actual pusher thereof. One shadow side of the sign is to take temptation too far. Being sychophantic, they can ingratiate themselves to figures they worship, appealing not to their strengths but to their weaknesses. They can be like Hera’s apple’s, poison in a pretty package. They may seek to topple those they tag the competition, if only subcionsiously corrupting them, fueled by envy and covetousness. It’s a serious downside of the sign: wanting what others have, and moreso, instead of forging a new path. The symbol of Taurus aren’t the outward growing antlers of Aries, instead they form a semicircle, a cup bent on receiving as much as the rest of us will give them. Without us they fcan eel they are nothing. And they’d be so wrong.

Whereas Aries is objectiveand Taurus is subjectiveenergy, Gemini combines the two. So here we have an energetic two-way street, input and output, transmission. The energy of Gemini is literally electric. While, moving down from the Aries head and Taurus throat and neck, Gemini rules the lungs (respiration) and the arms, the wings (aspiration), and with Mercury, the nerves, the electrical system of the body, our wiring and the firing of neurons into synapes. In yoga, when we lie in savasana, we imagine nervous tension being released down through our arms and out our finger tips. We won’t argue that Gemini people are nervy and it’s where any exhaustian they might suffer will hit. Like Mercury, the mind is a trickster and it is literally formed by the most prevailing thoughts hanging in our immediate enviroment, growing up—early childhood conditioning as well as our sibling and sibling-like relationships, boon companionships are all ruled by Geminis third astrological house, such schoolyard associations defining our formative years when, hopefully, given proper rearing, we might make the right future choices. But who had that? And who among us hasn’t and doesn’t still struggle, if not with morality, how about with mortality.  Rationalizing. That trickster mind convincing us to fly too close to the Sun or otherwise put ourselves into a neural fritzout.

Peter Pan, eschewing the grown-up world, recruits other lost (read: malleable) boys, his mini mob, to establish his position as a mercurial ring leader. He infiltrates the minds of his gang members, manipulating, rewiring their frames-of-mind to match his own, (un)hinged, as it is, on perputating his eponymous syndrome. Neverland is a hood on the outskirts of time, the ticking of that clock inside the croc, and Peter forever wrestling with his shadow side which, ironically, seeks its own release. But then the shadow may be free to bring about Pan’s aging, deterioration and death, so he keeps a firm hold on it and consciously carries on whistling in the graveyard. This may be the only way he can fly—soar in his ambitions: To rid one’s mind of certain inevitabilities may prevent their crippling effects. To perish such thoughts might be a necessary precursor to owning the Gemini superpower, that of positive thinking, the full wielding of which ill affords the entertaining of limiting thoughts—even, or, rather, especially, those of the great inevitable. Is this not the very definition of present-mindedness? Being here now. Yet another expression of the “immediacy” of the sign, combining both time and space. Gemini people have the greatest potential to realize the power of positive thinking, and yet they are pardoxically the most challenged in doing so. Having so finely attuned a cerebral instrument one is that much more susceptible to distractions, disinformation and disruption—not to mention being a most cunning disseminator thereof.

Geminis live by their wits and have something of a roguepersonality, a word that combines the goodand the bad, into something hopefully benevolently badass. But it can get a little ugly, just as it might hit the most beatific heights. He who wrote the poetry of Walt Whitman or she who sang the repetoire of Judy Garland may’ve possessed such divine gifts for expression even beyond their human ability to bear them. They are a mixed bag of Mercury’s tricks. And they’re transactional. We express this in the Gemini male and female chapter names—The Goodfellowand The Gift, respectively—in our book, Sextrology. You’ve no doubt heard of Kubler Ross’s five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance; well, the whole of Gemini’s life is number three—the sign’s number, incidentally. Gemini folk are forever making deals with themselves—rationalizing—letting the ends justify the means, allowing for a little hell, some guttersniping, so to reach intended heavenly stars. Gemini’s are the most immersed of all people in the happenstance of human existence with it’s endless interpersonal interaction, details, to-do lists, dealmaking and minutae; and embracing this street-level, well, level of life (instead of struggling with, or feeling dogged by it, like many of us do) they actually elevate the experience of so-called quotidien existence to a more exalted state-of-being. Which begs the question: Why do we label these aspects of life that of mere or banal existence? Compared to what? Why shouldn’t workaday life be viewed as something sublime? For that matter why do we not view the entirety of our life as spiritual existence? How did we get the idea that we are functioning on a purely physical plane devoid of the divine? Well, the answer is simple: The messaging stems from the Judeo-Christian story of that fall from grace, that boot from Eden, (and associative myths world-wide) which the sign of Gemini represents as a metaphysical and metaphorical snap-shot. The point is we only know this life, we cannot be sure that another one awaits us, so why not approach even the most prosaic elements of it from the perspective that it is all part of the divine choreography we are dancing? The classic gods, with their super human characteristics, lied and cheated and raged and fell into depressions just as we do, chief among these being Mercury, a god of petty mischief and pranks, and yet a divine being all the same. And, well, Gemini’s apple doesn’t fall very far from that tree.

I’ve got a good two months to pull off some major creative coupness. I really am in good shape already to be honest. Again it’s the trust exercise, flow state thingy we’ve been talking about. I kind of don’t really care about the rest of it. I need to do a little work on the Cancer experience right now:

Ironically, the more the Cancerian gives over to their calling, the faster they seem to flow toward toward success.The metaphysical embodiment of hope and promise, Cancer people are voted: most likely to be championed. There is something about them that makes others want to speed their passage and promote them. These Moonchildren naturally work on the feelings of others. The Cancerian might do the exact same job for eons, their usual routine altering little for decades, success finding them in their own, often private process of making their quiet dreams come true, seemingly on their own terms, while being ever increasingly remunerated, sometimes in the extreme. The fourth house rules private life and, despite even global successes, this is something that Cancer seems to keep intact. The flipside of this is that: When the Moonchild feels s/he is losing a grip on this element of existence, they can experience this as utter chaos and complete loss of control. They are more prone to hysteria, anxiety and depression than the rest of us. The trick for them is not to give to much of themselves, and not to chase their successes, but to plot a simple course and patiently tack their way toward goals, running a tight ship. When personal security is frontloaded in this way, and the Cancer is prepared to weather any storm life might bring, they typically also serve as the calm eye in the storm for others. And here we have that cardinal-water spring analogy again as these children of Themis can be fonts of wisdom and guidance. Women of the sign are especially gifted in the realm of emotional labor, putting themselves out their as a salve for others; while the men tend to be more pedantic, keeping a store of well worn anecdotes and personal parables to pull out from a stockpile thereof. Still he too is a gusher of guidance.

            The personification of the principle that change is the only constant, Cancer folk will become the most comfortable with uncertainty because the enter life the least. The body parts ruled by the sign are the gut (intuition) and the breast (nurturative ability) and they forever build trust in the former and contribute via the latter, providing themselves and others an internal sense of security, living life from the inside out, letting external successes be the byproduct of healthy private life.

Leo people are best at giving themselves license, another aspect of authority. They love to green-light projects, their own and others. Many top directors (not to mention dictators) have been Leo. They take pride in running the proverbial show. It is a source of pride—and their prime objective is to make themselves increasing proud. If that Cancerian flood myth spells promise (ark, in both senses of the word) then Leo seeks permanence in the fulfillment of a covenant or compact they make with themselves: to create something lasting in this life. Cancer people seem all potential, while Leo folk present as fully self-possessed, the former needing others, the latter equipped to provide to others. Leo rules the ages of 21-28, that of maturity, the sign symbol depicting the lion’s mane, signifying peak power, or the lion’s tale, an indicator of their ferocious intent, even of the loving kind. The fifth astrological house is that of legacy, and Leo people more readily set upon building their keep, their stronghold, fixing their fire (read: passion), and building their world around it. And when we say world we mean other people. Leo may be autocratic but s/he isn’t a loner and relies upon the support of others lest their edification be but a castle in the sand. Leo’s create for themselves and others. The create worlds. Robert Redford springs to mind as does his on-the-nose Leo-themed Sundance. Leo people are like the hearth themselves bidding others to circle around them.

The hearth is not only that which provides warmth and protection (from wild influences) but it also gives rise to creativity. One imagines the first jokes and stories being told and the first cave paintings being created in a convivial glow. Surely its where creative plans were discussed and launched. A literal fixed fire giving rise to purest creativity. In our book Sextrology the male and female Leo chapters are entitled The Naturaland The Knockout, respectively, speaking to both the authenticity and winningness associated with the sign. The fifth astrological house is that of leisure activities, fun and games; and Leo people are the best at playing the game of life, in both their ability to achieve success and fulfilmment but, moreoever, to approach life as much as an amusement along the way. Helios runs a daily chariot race. Arthurian legend begins, middles and ends with contests. While men of the sign can be eternal class clowns for whom fulfillment means dedication to their most burningest passions even if they don’t make bank—in fact many a Leo man will live frugally and/or close to the land, if not go totally native—Leo woman, on the other hand, are more ardent in their need to score big wins in life. We think of the actual lion, the male doing a good deal of roaring (scaring and scattering would-be prey) while leaving the actual hunting to the females who lie  and wait in ambush. Along with the home and hearth protectress Hestia, the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, whom Homer called “lioness amongst women” also a protectress (of wild things) shares the top archetypal spot for the Leo woman. A modern incarnation would be the feline named Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games fame, a Leo model if ever there was one. Leo women are the most hungry of all human creatures for successes they passionately believe are due them and they will stop at nothing to be crowned queen of whatever they deem their rightful, natural sphere of influence. And they are just as passionately ardent in the expression of their affections. The fifth house is also that of “the love you give;” and Leo, women especially, are brutally loving and a mate will find out the full range of meaning, here, should they betray the fidelity of her relationship. The fifth house is also that of love affairs, while neither men nor women of the sign tend toward a quantity of them—instead they seek permanent bonds that provide an eternal passionate flame. Tennessee William’s Maggie The Cat wants to start a fire with her one true love, but Brick doesn’t burn like that.

Mostly Leos are bent on having a great love affair with life itself, taking great big voracious bites out of it. For these co-creators with god, theirs are not mere passions but sacred flames divinely ordained to be realized and so it becomes the Leo person’s duty to fully realize that which is natural endowed to them. Concsiously or not they see themselves as divine instruments, which can see them playing god all too often. This is hingepin of their superpower and shadow side. Something TK about Jungle Law.

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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