Pisces 10° (March 1)


The eight dwarf is Snore-y. I haven’t seen my wife at night for the last two days because I am apparently a machine-gun earthquake at night these days. Today was strangely fun. We had a favorite client in the a.m. and then I did some yeoman’s work around house, mainly the kitchen, and drove to the dump and such. I have to say these are the things I actually love the best: don’t tell anyone. E.H. wrote to say she is joining our board and I’m so excited. I finally got outside and cleaned off both cars (otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to the dump where I sometimes wish I could stay, if that make sense). We are expecting a dumping of snow tonight and already going to Boston tomorrow to see JCM looks bleakish. We are troopers, so if there is any chance we can make this happen you know we will. I got really riled up working with a client. Sometimes it’s so hard not to empathize and take on all their pain and that’s what I feel I confronted today. As I’m writing this i just got this weird sense of relief in my neck; either that or I’m having a stroke because it felt a lot like a clot suddenly releasing into my bloodstream. Then again I do have quite a vivid imagination. So far so good!

The Capricorn motto is I usewhich is to day I don’t waste, neither time nor energy, or fritter away that which is worth preserving on that which doesn’t take, but might only get, one higher. The goat is built for the ascent but here’s the rub: Capricorn is the Sea Goat, and it has this fishy bit, which carries paradoxical meaning. Water sybmolizes intuition something Capricorns have in abundance, it also signifies emotion which we hope will fuel the Capricorn, not drag them down. The Sea Goat is also the perfect being to inhabit a metaphorical moutain-lake environment, the reservoir formed by restrictive power. Shan-gri-la, like golden-age Arcadia, where nobody ages. Just as the cardinal-water sign of Cancer, the axis-sign opposite Capricorn, is the source, Capricorn is the resource; and just as Cancer is associated with the archetype of Cinderella, so is Capricorn personified as the fairy god mother, a female personification of one’s higher power. Capricorns, whose birthright energy is faith, tend more than others to be one and the same with their higher power. And on the male side, we associate going to the mountain with, among other archetypes, old Moses, who let’s himself go grey via the experience, just as baby Moses, going from mother to mother along the (cardinal-water) river, is associated with Cancer, ruled by the Moon, the mother principle in astrology. Just as the fairy godmother comes with strict instructions (the sign of Capricorn at the very top of the Zodiacal wheel, at twelve o’clock, the stroke of midnight) so too does Moses receive and thus deliver a list of rules and regulations, restrictions—shalt nots!—to lay on us, ten to be exact, the number associated with Capricorn. God also told Moses to build his tabernacle out of goat hair, one might guess, because of it’s enduring, eternal qualities.


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