Pisces 11° (March 2)


So bummed that this snow globe of a world will prevent us from driving to Boston today to see JCM and Amber perform. Truly gutted. Oh well, what can you do. I took my life in my hands just driving down the road to go food shopping in Orleans. I had some moments where I truly thought, I’m going to spin out into oncoming traffic. But I just went slow and followed the existing single tracks, even on a double-lane one-direct road—otherwise, trying to create new tracks, one  would all too easily go into a skid. With economic choreography I did all the shopping and then headed to Eastham to hit the PO. I passed a packed parking lot, this place called the Red Barn, so I stopped there for a moment to use the facilities and answer correspondence. The place was filled with some alt-right looking folks with a slew of young kids; I got a vibe that it was some kind of post sports thing or party. Otherwise why would so many children be dragged out for pizza on one of the most dangerous driving days of the year. It was weird. Like they had all just landed there. This giant black truck pulled up next to me with this twenty something guy with something red white and blue of a bandana or something hanging from his rearview. He had on a baseball cap of course and I got a very Jesusy vibe. Why are the most close-minded folks freaks for that two-thousand plus year old hippy whom they probably would have beat to a pulp had they met in person. So strange to me.

You know how the internet seems to know what you’re on about? Specifically, how Facebook shoots you ads for things you were looking up, or someone in your household was Googling for, and it feels kind of spooky when the only horror about it is you’re being gently hacked all the time for the purposes of greed? Well life’s own synchronicities are something like that only grander, more cosmic and not sinister.

I am made all too well aware of my body when I get stoned which is the reason why not to do it. I think it is a nerve thing. I’ve always been wired that way, highly strung I guess.

Some snippet of writing so far today: Following Capricorn, cardinal-earth, which correlates, among other things, with the old-guard and the edification of tradition, comes the eleventh sign of Aquarius breaking through all that with avant-garde aplomb. The energy is both revolutionary and evolutionary. The sign’s ruler Uranus is the awakener, sudden and sweeping. Named for the god of the universe it points that which is ahead of its time—the eleventh astrological house rules the future—and and all that is new to explore, and what uncharted territory, metaphysical or otherwise, one can boldly get into. That Aquarius people are known to be quirky or freaky is more than pop-astrology, it speaks to the mutant energy of the sign. Aquarius is the future in the present, the sudden and sweeping mutation, the oddity, by which, nevertheless, the future unfolds and, literally, all species evolve. The notion of evolution is thus encoded into the ancient Zodiac—those crazy Mesopotamians! The male and female Aquarian chapters in our book Sextrology are called The Visitor and The Vision, respectively. The former refers to the alien quality of the men of the sign, in particular, as if they are visitors from outer time-space; while the latter speaks to the revelatory energy of the sign, something which women of the sign, especially, embody.

Even the fact that Uranus is named for the Greek god of the Universe, while all the other planets bear the Roman verions of their mythic namesakes, suggest something of a departure from the norm that characterizes the sign of Aquarius. Uranus, meaning sky or heaven, has many a debatable and probably composite etymology. We derive the modern word urine from the name, and most root words have watery origins and associations, like “to moisten”—it is said that Aphrodite emerged from the sea fertilized by Uranus’ castrated bits (Saturn struck him down just as he was later struck down by his own usurping son, replacing him as chief god). Uranus is associated specifically with dew, which parallels Aquarius woman’s association with the goddess of the dawn. Ruled by this starry god the universe, and placed opposite Leo (ruled by the Sun) on the astrological wheel, Aquarius is associated with distant suns, a single star, if not the infinitely sparkled heavens filled. In the Tarot, the Star card depicts the astrological Water Bearer. This is the fixed-air sign, which translates to a point, or countless points, of light.

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