Sagittarius 14° (December 6)

I will go to trivia tonight which is pretty horrible to be honest. And then to the Pig for oysters and fish and chips. The eating out really does have to stop, and it will. Texted Dom and Nan and will hopefully speak to them tomorrow. I will come to learn that I am addicted to worry on many levels. Especially surrounding my living conditions. This Blague is still so much about personal things. People may find it not the right forum for what I’m going through. Of course, it started as something completely other but it is my only consolation. It apparently also gets me in trouble I will come to learn. Though I always disguise names, apparently I didn’t account for the ridiculously rich and powerful and their need to scour my existence for reasons to reject me. It will all be fine in the end. This is the fire I am going through. Today is also a very anonymous day birthday-wise—I thought yesterday was bad. Today we have Dave Brubeck and Tom Hulce and these are not exactly household names for the most part. I never knew Sagittarius to be so obscure. If anything, one would think that every day would be packed with famous folk. Too clever by half is surely one way to describe me and really what has gotten me into the most trouble in my life. I can tell you (meaning me) from a future point of view that you are still very much in the crucible and you will remain in it for such a quite a long time. I will also start listening to a lot of rap? What am I calling it? Someone like Jack will still, almost a year later than this date, be doing “word sculptures”; you mean letters found at the side of the road by assistants and thrown onto a wall. We didn’t need it ten years ago. We didn’t even need it twenty years ago or ever, but there it is. “0h my god what happened to Vernon” such great music out there. I don’t expect anyone to get that reference. This, what I call, aloneliness, is really hard at this point in life. As time goes on I will be haunted by how much I invested in the “we” of existence while I should have been more selfish and focused on the “I”; a stupid Libra man thing to do. Taking that “we are” motto of the sign too far as I have and getting screwed over because of it, or in the reverse case of other Libra men, the opposite: putting himself in a place where if he leaves she’s fucked. Anyway, in about three minutes I’m going to try and type up a bunch of thoughts for this Blague at five minute intervals just for the bleeding fun of it.

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