Aquarius 12° (February 1)


Rabbit Rabbit. I’m up at the crack today finishing up a few Gemini thoughts, moving into Cancer, using a recent script, actually, from a show as some inspiration. Now that I’ve stop-started and I’m finally in a groove with all of this it is beginning to feel quite natural and I might be able to speed the plow through this process more readily than I imagined. February, for the most part, must be dedicated to all my theater projects and getting things of that nature up to speed. I’m in fairly good shape on that score. March will be dedicated in large part to putting together drafts for next year’s Haute Astrology books; and then, if all goes as planned, we will take a real journey, the embarkation of which will be ritualized to empower the new metaphoric journey we are also about to take. Then a blissful summer built to last from May through October with an apparent little side voyage to Greece in August. All of this is just around the corner so if I feel in the least stymied or procrastinative, or even productinative (productinating is a word I made up to mean the doing of other things which do need doing instead of the thing you’re “supposed” to currently be tackling).

So I’m moving into the sign of Cancer….If the first (cardinal-fire) sign of Aries is big-bang creation and (fixed-earth) Taurus is the garden, Eden, and (mutable-air) Gemini is a snapshot of  munching that apple, consciousness, the Fall, the Cancer, cardinal-water, is the Flood to wash it all away, to re-create and recover, flood myths promising passage, deliverance, simple change, and promise itself. Moon-ruled Cancer is the energy of Hope without which there can be no possibility. Water symbolizes emotion and intuition. The process of recovery is an emotional one—the Cancer motto is I Feel—one that involves getting to the source of our human emotional being, which is where we tap into our higher power (represented by Cancer’s so-called opposite sign of Capricorn, not actually opposite at all but a higher septave, the relationship between the two providing mountains of metaphorical and metaphysical wisdom to be mined.

Hope floats they say; and we venture to guess that whoever they are, they unknowingly tapped into a Zodiacal understanding; although that Zodiacal understanding might just possibly be of our own tandem (Starsky + Cox’s) inference of its once revelatory, now obvious  (to us) indicia. Back to recovery, which is something we are all in all the time, Cancer people personifying this concept: Noah was a drunk, so recovery to him is personal, microcosmic, just as the world of all humanity is in a Fall (this one exactly mirroring the more intimate, though no less devestating, one which Adam and Eve experienced). The whole thing about putting animals, two by two onto an Ark, itself, needs unpacking: Here we see images of re-pairing, the response to the previous sign of Gemini’s call for duality and division. And what is another word for ark, like in that of the covenant? It means promise.

In recovery we decide what we want to retain, recover, about ourselves, and that which we wish to be washed away, typically elements of self that block or undermine that which we are determined to take on our journey. The fourth astrological house of Cancer is a mysterious one because it rules both the home you come from and  the one you create for yourself; it is, in this way, a verb, a sign of action and movement as befits its cardinal status. Cancer people, as a snapshot of the sign’s energy, are on a journey from birth to mete out that which they want to leave behind from that which they want to characterize their future promise, their early conditioning from their own self-providence. On a less personal level the Cancerian experience is what we collectively pass on—customs, mores, folkways—which is no way divorced from the notions of putting things to rights. In the Greek flood myth, where the pairing of Deucalion and his wife Pyrra, alone, withstand the entire wiping out of humanity, it is the goddess Themis who appears to them, having made it to the other shore, at the point of recovery, to instruct them on what to do next.

Themis is a mysterious Titan goddess whose name literally means “to put in place.” She is the incarnation of the will of the gods, the divine law and order of things, and what must be put in place, in our human experience, to adhere to this mandate. All flood myths are hinged on humanity displeasing (the) god(s), after all; so it follows that those who (have been chosen to) survive are ones who will live in compact with this divine will. Themis knows the future—she created the Oracle at Delphi and was its first oracular diety.


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