Aquarius 13° (February 2)


Gosh you know I just need a few minutes to get started here. I am doing double duty by trying to drum up new ideas, or new takes on old ones, sign by sign by sign. Everything is moving as well as it should in the right direction. I think I see other people making great strides rather effortlessly, but nobody even knows the truth about anyone else in actuality. I noticed a rather famous friend unfriended me on Facebook. I take everything personally, I’ve always been that way. What’s changed is how that effects me, which it does at this point extremely little. And anyway, I’m sure this friend has gotten so big now that he isn’t even managing his own social media so I can’t really take it as an affront in any stretch of the imagination. It’s part and parcel of the larger emotions I’m lately feeling. The truth is I feel expansive. And very happy to make and have made myself scarce these past years, moving the many mountains I’ve been doing from deep under and inside them. Meanwhile making appearances, when required, giving no clue that my full occupation of late has been: mole man.

Oh and I know what I was going to say. I was going to say that the sorts of things I’m coming up with anew, that I’m writing in the present tense can actually be the evolutionary philosophy of the new project. Anyway, this is just a reminder to myself to express this thought to S., as cryptic as it might be to you.

After the duplicity of Gemini, Themis separates fiction from fact, demanding open honesty, something even the ancient gods thought made the best policy. Themis is a Titanesss, belonging to a pantheon older than the Olympian gods, with Zeus/Jupiter as their king. Zeus’s Titan father Cronos/Saturn ruled the golden age when there was no vice of any kind and perfect bounty and humans remained youthful, living hundreds of years. Zeus was her only consort—and remember it was he who ordered the flood—and among their children are the Horae, a trio of goddesses, meaning: the right moment, embodying the correctness of order unfolding in time. And Cancerian people do seem to ultimately flow with the go more than the rest of us, though they may perhaps at first struggle, more than we do, too, to float on the everunfolding, specifically in their earliest years. Cancerian typically experience a sense of being held hostage by their childhoods emerging with a sort of Stockholm syndrome brand of affection for their parents whos lifestyle tends to run counter to the Cancerian’s natural order of things.

Speaking of being rhythmically attued: The Moon of course rules Cancer and it represents the mother principle in astrology and myraid other esoteric disciplines. Mother is the source of life, deliverance and nurture; Cancer’s cosmic energy of cardinal-water (cardinal is initiatory and forward moving) echoing that gurgling fountain, spring, source of the rivers running to the sea. Likewise the Moon rules the tides, natural, ordered, ebb and flow, oe’r the estuaries of our existence, the same natural unfolding and right order that Themis and her progeny prescribe. And Cancer people are the most capable of sinking into those natural or cosmic rhythms, as they are one with the same, synching with the process of life and the expectation of its right unfolding. Where the mental sign of Gemini might employ the power of positive thinking or other such tricks as befits its clever and mischievous Mercury rule—manipulate, bargain, wheel and deal, if not pull a few fast ones—to ensure certain successes, Cancer people picture that farther shore, the culmination of goals and fulfillment, meanwhile digging in, in Crablike fashion, keeping their head down, letting time and tide take them to the next correct moment along their journey, content to let it be a cumulative one.

Ironically, as much as the Cancer digs down into his tasks at hand, in the here and now, the rate at which a Cancerian’s outer circumstance changes, in the main for the better, tends to outstrip other sign’s trajectories. To boot, the Cancerian might do the exact same job for eons, their usual routine altering little for decades, success finding them in their own, often very private process of making their dreams come true, seemingly on their own terms. One might argue, the Cancerian themself, that it’s much the opposite—that they live life on life’s terms, taking what it gives them, day to day, making hay while the Sun shines, and lemonade out of any lemons. They rarely chase success, nor do they overthink or strategize—they plot a simple course and patiently tack their way.

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