Aquarius 14° (February 3)


I keep having to remind myself that the work I’m doing is great; and that it’s even more amazing that I have the drive and the will to forge ahead the way I do, day after day. Sometimes there is magic but only if we create it. For the past fifteen years I’ve been playing the same theatrical role on the stage of life. The character’s name is Quinn Cox and the show has been running twenty-four hours a day all these many years. I wake every day trying to figure out the next design for living, meanwhile I’m living this present formula, but I’ve always been like that. There is always some new paradigm calling me but I can’t quite articulate it to myself. I get flashes of this reality or that one, but I never get the full picture and I want it pretty badly. And just because said vision has never come clear, I believe it may be about to, as I plow through the stuff on my to-do list (that I want to do the least) during these winter months. Since the Solstice and through the holidays I have managed to make some major headway already; but I’ve also been having extinction bursts of holiday revelry—now, however, I feel deep into what you may have heard me call “second semester” a traditional time of spartan living, acetic thinking and a kind of early lent if you will.

The cardinal-water sign of Cancer, with its associative flood myths (symbolic of recovery), is followed by the fixed-fire sign of Leo, which is about the re-establishment, or restoration, and self-creation, metaphorically and metaphysically speaking. The fire element symbolizes spirit and the fixed quality speaks to a concentrated, stationary, magnetic quality. Fittingly, the ruler of Leo is the Sun which is the fiery center of our planetary system whose creative energy is life giving. One body part ruled by Leo is the heart, which is the center of our being, and it’s etymologically linked hearth is that which offers warmth and protection, gathering others to it. The sign of Leo is a cosmic snapshot of this energy and Leo people themselves are personifications of it. Where Cancerian emotion (that sign’s motto is I feel) moves us toward change, promise and deliverance, the sign of Leo is the promise delivered, fulfilled—Leo’s motto is I will. The inspiring emotion of cardinal-water now gives way to fixed-fire, which is strong and steady burning passion, the eternal flame that burns within all of us, in effect that which we do with the cardinal-fire of Aries (that spark of life within us, our purpose). Leo is the creation, the building upon, the edification of our self-perceived purpose fueled by our will. Aries might be what we want, Leo is what we are willing to do to bring about its full realization. Another body part ruled by Leo is the spine, thus our backbone, our might of will. Not surprising, the Strength card in the Tarot features the lion, king of beasts.

Leo does comprise our ability to rule the lesser, more beastly attributes of our nature. It symbolizes the divine right of kings (and some pretty fierce queens) that burns within all of us. To further delve the meaning of the rulership over the spine: Leo is about standing to your fullest height, embodying the energy of pride, a word that also comprises a group of lions. Leo is where our nobility lies, and as embodiments of that fact, Leo people never let their own majestic compartment slip. We liken cardinal-fire Aries to big-bang creation; and fixed-earth Taurus to the garden, Edenic bliss; Gemini, mutable-air, is the heady consciousness that charcterizes, the fall; and we said Cancer is the flood and also Exodus, the parting of the waters. Leo, it follows, is the age of miracles, the biblical book of Kings like young and gleaming David (and Queens like Bathsheba, associated with feline energy, Sheba being a de rigeur name for your pet kitty. Remember, we all have all the signs (and sign energies) in us; people of a particular sign are simply the best distillations, personifications in identity of, poster children for, that particular energy.

In Greek mythology, Helios is the Sun god-king; and as exalted as that might sound it’s a heavy responsibility. Like his sister Moon, Selene, does every night, he must drive his fiery horse-drawn chariot every night, maintaining a steady course, bridled with heavy responsibility. So is the life of a truly good monarch, the paradox being that they are at once the pinacle ruler but in complete devoted service to their subjects. This helps us understand the default frame of mind of Leo people in the main. They are divinely endowed with a healthy ego and yet they rely upon others loyalty and very audience to maintain it. Authority is a primary watchword of the sign, which goes beyond its face-value meaning of simply being in charge. It is more precisely about authorship, which links to Leo’s astrological fifth house of creation, or more precisely “co-creation with god.”

Leo people are best at giving themselves license, authority, here, adding up to a simple green light. Leo’s have pride in themselves because their main objective is to make themselves proud. If that Cancerian flood myth spells promise (ark, in both senses of the word) then Leo is the keeping of it, the fulfillment of the compact, a word one associates with the rules, say, of a new settlement, which is the perfect metaphor for the Leo experience. The fifth astrological house is that of legacy, and Leo people more readily set upon building their “keep” as it is a signature pledge they make to themselves. Whereve they fix their fire, their passion, they will then build their world around it, seeing that it will provide, too for others on whom they in turn rely to help build their castles, lest they rest on sand.


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