Aquarius 15° (February 4)


I’m feeling very much interested, today, in the continuation of the clearing-out that I’ve initiated. In our winter stay-at-home world we have been indulging in a few guilty pleasures, like Friday nights cracking open a bottle of organic red wine and watching Drag Race, you know, life’s simple pleasures. But I’ve become so accustomed to the deep, childlike sleep I experience with nary a drop of even a healthful draught in my system, that it’s more important to me than any fleeting buzz the slightest imbibing might impart. There is such benefit to being a clean liver, the greatest one being the knowledge that you’re doing it. Things like this: they are good for your body of course, but they are all the better for your mind by virtue of the fact that doing right by yourself becomes a kind of silent, incessant prayer. It’s all about energy and it’s fun to change it up on an alchemical level which is what changes in lifestyle actually do.

I need to pick up my yukelele and drop off my boots. I need to learn botany and read everything Robert Graves. I clicked Like on an Aleister Crowley Facebook page and the second I did it I felt sick so I Unliked it straightaway. I am intrigued but I’ve never let myself go there. I studied Theosophy as a senior in college. I brush up agains the occult all the time, but I never quite go there. I want to rearrange all my books and decide how and where to ultimately house them. I want to go bathing suit shopping. I want a VW bus, forest green maybe. I want to make potato pancakes and eat them with sour cream and apple sauce. I’d like to get stoned without feeling edgy and watch a series of old movies. I would like to lie for hours in a hammam and then sip fresh oysters. I’d like to have a lot of mates in the English vernacular and disappear for long weekends to Ireland to fish. Adult male relationships are terribly hard to make unless you wrap it around a sport it seems. I suppose I could work on my piano and play but the notion of being in a dad band frightens me to death not least of all because I am not a dad. I’d like my hair to go white and grow down insead of up or out; and I’d like to wear little suits that still felt roomy.

I wonder: Will it be possible to do all I want to do where I want to do it. And to move around at will like I’ve been doing. To get some kind of residency thing going so even if I have to leave every three months I know that I can come back. I’m excited that things are not too long awaiting, that we are close to the edit on this old life. My brain needs a break that much is for sure. I also needn’t push or torture myself on a daily basis. Peu à peu.

So I’m moving on to thinking about Virgo today.  Whereas Leo is fueled by pride, which is an imporant positive energy until it isn’t, Virgo’s superpower is humility which, by logic of the upward spiral that is the dynamic (not static flat circle) upward spiral of the Zodiac, is stronger than pride. We’ve said it before but the planetary ruler of Virgo is somewhat in dispute; traditionally it falls under Mercury’s rule, which also governs the sign of Gemini; while others believe it is ruled by Chiron, once a planet which was pummeled by asteroids and “disabled”; and others still believe there is a planet Vulcan out there…or rather inthere, orbiting between Mercury and the Sun, and therefore near impossible to detect. Wigned Mercury, the trickster, messenger god, is a perfect match for the mutable-air sign of Gemini; and it’s fitting for the mutable-earth sign of Virgo too, in a sense: Mercury embodies the two forms of magic—the tricky sleight of hand brand that matches Gemini’s mercurial and prankish nature, but also the more substantial form of alchemy which is the primary watchword of the sign of Virgo. Alchemy is akin to medicine, in both cases ridding the substance/body of baser elements; and Mercury’s staff, the Caduceus, is, to this day, the symbol for the medical profession. Mercury was called Hermes by the Greeks and we speak of hermits (alchemists working in secrecy) and all things hermetic, meaning: relating to an ancient occult tradition that encompasses alchemy, astrology (hello!) and theosophy. Chiron, too, the wisest of the centaurs who alone among them rose above his beastly nature was taught by Apollo the art of medicine and herbs and is credited with the discovery of botany and pharmacy.


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