Aquarius 16° (February 5)


The purpose of my writing at this present moment is to get some thoughts on paper regarding the signs. Much of what I’m saying may be a repeat of what I’ve said before, ad nauseum, during my long career as Q(V)C. (My friend Justin Vivian Bond, whom I call Jessica, said that my middle name should also be Vivian so I’d be QVC. I said “it’s Vera”. I think that was around the same time of my Suzy Menkes story.) It’s now to be a simple matter of searching the archives for key words, for starters, and extracting. I will have written four solid years of this Blague next month. Starting with the fifth year, I will read (extract and archive and separate out, year one, the Sabian ideas) five old Blagues a day for the next 365 days—and write a new one of course each day—this will mean by that the end of next year I will not only have completed a new fifth year, but I will have also roughly archived all five years. It will be a rough cut and paste job really; andmy Blague entry for the day will serve as something of a guide and synopsis, distlled, into a text-guide of 365 days. I can also excerpt myself. Somehow I think this might be one of the most exciting ideas I’ve had in a long time.

PIcking up on what I was saying yesterday about Chiron and the sign of Virgo…

He was in fact unrelated to all other centaurs, sometimes depicted with human front legs. He is mainly an abomination, at least according to his mother who, at birth rejected him and left him to die. He is akin to Ganesh, the original elephant-man god whose festival coincides with Vulcanalia, which is the first day of Virgo, August 23. Vulcan is the Roman name for Greek Hephaestus who wasn’t born lame but made so by his dismissive father Zeus who, enraged at his son siding with his mother, Hera, in an argument—flung him around the world which he circled endless times before landing and henceforth living without the use of his legs.

What the mythical Mercury, Chiron and Vulcan share is that they are all, like Ganesh,  healers. Hephaestus-Vulcan is a potter god, a smithy, an alchemist as befits Virgo’s malleable mutable-earth sign. Despite infirmiry he doesn’t wallow but channels his disability into invention, spending all waking time at his forge, in his workshop, making all sorts of nifty tools, weapons and devices for the betterment of men and gods alike. Virgo’s sign mottos are I work and I serve. Like Prometheus who elevated mankind by gifting them with sacred fire stolen from Olympus—this mirrors the move from the fixed-fire sign of the Leo god-kings (and some fierce queens) to Virgo with its everyman assignation, mutable-earth speaking to the evolutionary effect the stolen fire is meant to have on man. As part of the punishment Zeus doled out for this theft, he had Hephaestus make, out of clay, Pandora who with her infamous box brought all vice, first disguised by virtue, into the world.

Hephaestus is an ironic god of the human condition. He understands humanity and knows loss and humility, rare in a god. He knows that one’s reactions to loss can go either way, from victimization to victory, from self-pity or -destruction, from dysfunction to contribution,  to making lemonade from lemons. His crippling becomes the nature of his godhead, his superpowers deriving from being parapalegic if only a metaphor for being cut at the knees. This is true alchemy, the undergoing of personal change on the most human of levels. What is alchemy but getting the lead out? And, both metaphorically and metaphysically, Virgo is about undergoing such internal alteration, not sitting there like a lump of clay but making yourself useful, purifying oneself, removing our baser elements, obstacles, in the crucible of one’s own conscience. Hephaestus is more acurately the god of the human conscience and he is, like Ganesh, a remover of obstacles. The sign of Virgo rules the digestion which is also a metaphor for said conscience—munching on experience it metes out the nutrients in our life from the detritus


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