Aquarius 17° (February 6)


The Zodiac may in fact be the best tool for self-discovery we have in our storied culture. We talk about this being our place in the discovery.

Aries for them everything can seem as dramatic (in the beginning) as the big bang. They often disappointed in people and may reject them. Aries woman are the biggest rejectors.

Taurus add something in about taste perhaps and the representation of the material. Aries is getting your body in order, than Taurus is about adorning it, decking it out. Wow. Simple. Taurus is associated with material and materializing. Check Hathor

Gemini  just as Aries’s ruler Mars is masculine Taurus planet Venus Feminine, the adolescent is named for the adolescent androgyne god Mercury

Mercury taking the temperature of the room. Nobody can work a room like a Gemini

Nobody can blank a blank like a blank.

Body part. When we lie in savasana and slowly breath in and out we imagine tension leaving our body with each breath down our arms and out through our fingers.

Cancer fountains of feeling, even when they control it down to a trickle…seem to emit nothing more than a trickle.  And or more fully processing their past and present feelings to move onward. Ah but we have to talk about the notorious shadow side but avoid suicide. Myth Isis and Nemisis. Isis whose maternal aid in healing is invoked, is mother of the pharoah, likened to Horus, her son. She is “epitome of maternal devotion” (protecting from Set). Like Themis she is there to ease human suffering.

Isis goddess of magic. This is the mystic moon. Spells of healing.

Mind may play tricks but feelings never lie. Rules the gut intuition, a realm of the mother. The body part ruled breats and gut. Emotional intelligence, this way of operating is akin to mysticism which is inaccessible to the intellect.

They separate themselves from conditioning they are no longer feeling. Flood myth is about Getting Lost. Losing yourself to find yourself.

Leo creativity is not imagination. Creativity is the actual doing of a thing the formation which can only come from a passionate place. From that fixed-fire. We build fires, it is the first thing we do when we enter a house.  Hestia and Artemis.

If you put Leo’s motto I will together with the notion of co-creation with god. There is no such thing as an individual act of creation as we are always co-creating with god. Cancer feelings may move us but Leo passion sustains us. The fifth house rules our passions, that is in terms of their being synonymous with our leisure activities—sports, games, contests, races— Arthurian legend begins, middles and ends with contests. Likewise the etymologically similar Artemis, one of the female archetypes of Leo, whom Homer called “lioness amongst women” is goddess of the chase. Maggie the Cat won an archery context beck in college. Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. The Sun god is on a chariot race all day. The original everyday hero whose godhead is expressed through racing through the sky.

Love affairs love affair with life. This might characterize the nature of the Sun itself

Circle of fire, fires are both influence and protection. God complexed. When we try to create outside the bounds of co-creation with god. That means being the gods instrument here on earth, within the bounds and laws of natural divine order—might for right. Leo’s motto I will is a pledge and a command. But the command must be for the common good—forever employing the golden rule—lest the divine king become a despot, that is the shadow side of the sign.

Go back and add in shadow sides? It is nonetheless jungle law.

Capricorn is our higher power. A snapshot of higher power. Capricorn people represent, personify that part of (all) ourselves that is higher power, emphasis on my higher power. The fact is…

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