Cancer 27° (July 19)


We didn’t get the beach today. I did manage to get a haircut from my ancient barber, Raphael, who told me the texture of my hair had changed. He recommended buying a huge tube of Nexxus from Amazon because it is only $25. His hours are 7:30 to 11:00 only four days a week. He starts his day at 7AM but sometimes clients are there at 6:30 waiting for him because they’d rather wait that half hour than three hours later in the morning; the place gets packed, mainly with elderly men, and Raphael takes his time.

I keep rejigging my schedule (which I shall continue to do for several days no doubt) the law of diminishing returns being levied on me, as I realize my idealistic notion of fitting in all the work I need to do before I leave will happen. It won’t. And so I’ll be taking it with me, which might be fine, lest I get too far behind (which I shall!). What I have managed to do is to get the website into some kind of shape. And to get all our graphics under way. I think I am in decent shape, not just with the festival, but with all my works; but I really won’t know until after this trip.

Traveling with work can go either way. You might just drag it with you and spend the whole time torn between the jobs you need doing and the beckoning holiday doings or the off-site-ness of the journey can provide some proper perspective for plowing through and hitting your marks in such a ways as can’t for the time being happen at home base. We hit walls when we look at the same four of them, day in and day out, trying to make professional magic—stepping away for a few weeks might just be the tonic the proverbial doctor ordered, even if you don’t actually do the work at hand (and so long as you make your peace with not doing so). But I have a good feeling this time out. Erin Markey is totes persona non grata and this juncture and another performer is now exhibiting signs of not following through. Given the former situation I have a short fuse with anyone making those kinds of waves; I think I might be on the defensive. Anyway I must have slapped her down enough that the grumblings stopped. And then of course, because I’m me, I felt bad. But I would have felt worse if I had to replace someone so there.


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