Cancer 26° (July 18)

Got up super early today and managed to get done a lot of busy work and packing for the trip. And that was the only thing I wrote on this day….it is now nearly a week later; however I’m not compelled to catch up in the traditional sense. I have to make the switch, really, now, to stop the banal cranking out of daily entries. It now must become more than that. That said, en route to re-working some past ideas, which will be the main thrust for awhile, I should like to get a few things off my chest.

The last few days on the beach were complete bliss; and it is weird to think how much we will miss our daily constitutionals. However I would have had no idea how freaking beautiful the trip to Alaska would be. And I shall regal you with accounts of the trip as the days unfold. On this day in question I am feeling good, expansive, like I’m getting much work done, especially on the festival, and that I really am in a relatively good place with balancing work and life.

I am checking many things off the to-do list and that sometimes can be rewarding on a meager level. Still there is no substitute for leaving for a long trip with having all your ducks in a row; so that is what I am doing. Getting a little bit of a tan and some exercise is actually part of that plan. Funny how you start to feel so well, and even a little smug before a trip, and you might plan to be “more abstemious this time”, all the while, in th eback of your head, though, you know with certainty you’re going to blow your diet and teetotaling ways the second you hit your holiday. In my case it will prove to have happened sooner than expected.

I did a bit of touch up paint, mainly in case landlord Jim were to do a walk through the house. The paint job I did do a few weeks ago was really cursory and it is spotty (or rather brush strokey) at best, which I had no time to fix—the least I could do was to straighten some of the lines where wall met ceiling so that, at a glance, it wouldn’t be so glaring a crap job (which it is).

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