Cancer 25° (July 17)


I’m going to focus on the positive. I’m going to clean slate myself and stop living in fear. I have plenty of time and I have done all the heavy lifting already. Everything else now can just be icing. And downtime, even a wee trip down the rabbit hole, is a necessary part of the process. I actually feel renewed and thus ready to keep up the good fight. I must find a way to activate S+C against what is happening politically. I must find a way to give counsel to people, more widely, as I do for our individual clients. I feel it must now be a calling and I have to get that mechanism moving. I ask for guidance on this score.

Next year will be the crystal anniversary of Sextrology and I’m thinking up a bunch of fun ways to promote what will definitely be a new ebook edition, and hopefully a new print one; it requires getting a wee bit more respect from that powers that be at HarperCollins. They’re owned by Murdoch that fascist reptile so, really, if they don’t pony up, they can go fuck themselves. It dawned on me today how many people I know who are powered by phony fucking money. I have been so naive whe friends have mine have had houses bought for them, school tuitions paid for them—and I’ve seen them elated and celebratory. How to remain friends with people you know are succored by what would be blood money. To be honest, if I think it through I’m not really surprised. Some of my best friends for decades I fear might really be quite, how do you say, elitist (in the true sense not in the insdide-out GOP-spin sense). Of course they are the same people who give to Christian charities, which, unbeknownst to them, are likely human trafficking outfits. You think I’m kidding and I’m not. I need to get more involved in Lumos and other organizations.

This week is not turning out to be what I expected and I keep rejigging my daily planner. But you know what—fuck it. Time has to work for me not the other way around. I will get through everything and all will be done, so why stress. Why stress anything really. It’s all made up. The important things now I find are exercise and eating right. That’s the simple first stepness of the Zodiac as well, it starts with Aries which rules the first house of, among other things, the physical body. The physical body, according to the Zodiac is spirt made manifest. Anyway, I’m not going to go on about astrology right now; I’m more interested in remaining terrestrial, here, today.

I’m going to miss our daily walks here these next three weeks. Wow that is a lot of missed walks. I won’t be getting much exercise on the yacht I can tell you. I suppose I shall have to learn how to walk on a treadmill—perish the thought. I miss the sand and sea and seals and so forth.


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