Aries 17° (April 6)


Not one of the all-time-great days. First of all it pretty well blizzarded again in April, the second time in a week. I received notice from the Visitors Service Bureau that they a) have decided that they won’t give me funds up front this year despite having done so for the past six years; and b) that I would have to trot myself in front of the board this year as a stipulation. This is all a result of course of the new board chair who is the psycho owner of our previous venue who poached our artists without our approval and, when we asked, to be preventative (without taking him to task for his actions) to put some language in place so this wouldn’t happen again, said owner cut off ties with us and left the festival dangling, and purposefully so, assuming we would not be able to find another venue in time, since there are only two in town.

Well we did manage so salvage our festival and this psycho assassin failed to kill our festival. We found a lovely new home. But now this character, who is Trump in miniature, or Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life or Scrooge or Mr. Burns or any of this archetype, then took over the board chair of the one grant we receive from the town. In a treacle manner he contacted me last autumn, with the other board members cc’d, singing our praises in truly psychopathic nature, pretending he wasn’t the same person who tried to anihilate us. He then contacted me over the winter asking to “talk” and I directed him to send a bussiness email which he did not do. Instead he texted me the need to speak to me directly. I said no. But I was waiting for some kind of power play or sabotage and he did not disappoint.

In keeping with the behavioral patterns of the Trumps of the world, this so-called person has many minions and has the ability to threaten others more indirectly. And that most likely includes the board itself., who knows? Anyway, it doesn’t really impact me, it’s just all information. And I’m used to dealing with psychos because I grew up with them.

And really I don’t need what I don’t have. The work I’m doing is good work. I’ve been overindulgent lately, as if suffused with the Aries energy of the time. It also leaves me feeling a bit scared, I don’t know why. It’s sort of pre-fight-or-flight. Speaking of which I feel like flying some place warm or driving down to Miami or something; meanwhile S.omeone wants to go to Montreal so you can guess where we will end up.

Had a sort of crazy dinner at Waypoint, getting into some heady stuff, thanks to current political climate to some degree. I’m sick of living in dread I don’t know about you. Anyway I also had meat for the first time in what seemed a very long time. It was delicious but I’m good for another month probably. And it’s fishy time on Cape Cod which really turns me on. I could eat fish every day and just vary it; in fact I think I’ll do that or, at least, four times a week. Two words: King Salmon.

I am managing to get a lot done on the casting. In fact I’m pretty well cast but for two slots of sixteen—not bad. And the first wave of letters went out to Sponsors. So really who cares of the local town grant process turns out to be corrupt in some sense. It’s always the asshole who has too much—Mr. Potter, Mr. Burns, Scrooge, Trump et al—who always needs more. Greed is a disease.

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