Libra 26° (October 19)


I’m in a very 1990s head today, like looking through a Josef Astor lens. I think of folks I knew—Heisel, the Rosenbergs, Dischinger, Tyrnauer—and would like to revist that whole era as a theme, not of nostalgia, but as a point of reference. I would like a lot of things. I would like a close friend who “gets me” to talk to; the kind of friend you had as a kid, but, as an adult is impossible to come by. It’s just one of the contributors to my loneliness and feelings of isolation. Anyway, that’s my problem. The riches, as they say, are in the niches. And in that I mean the spiritual sort. It becomes increasingly important to own all of it. And to just get on with what has come to be called my daily existence. Sometimes this Blague can be ha-ha funny and sometimes it can just point ot the funniness of life. Okay, who’s up for a timed writing of forty minutes? Let’s do it!

Phase four of 2018 is heavily focussed on clients. We are going to be taking appointments on the Cape late November to mid-December,then Boston and NYC, through Christmas. I have ten days, now to finish writing the twelve new Haute Astrology books for the year. And in this period of time I will be getting the writing underway for our December show, which is always fun. Unless it isn’t. LOL It all comes down to teamwork, which is in short supply these days. Not in a bad way—it’s just everybody is so busy making bank and posting pics of themselves with celebrities. It might sound trite or knee jerk but it just insn’t enjoyable. The only way to be these days is anonymous; which is a paradoxical take on preserving a social-media presence which will remain necessary for professional purposes. But I am ever so slowly working my way into a glorious state of renewed privacy.

I’m so especially—I won’t say sick or tired because I don’t feel sour-grape-ish in the least here—weirded out (is the term) by friends I’ve had, dating back to nobody being on MySpace, with whom I used to meet and hang and grab coffee or play games after Chinese food delivery, having given themselves some East Village version of a Kardashian makeover and now only ever seem to exist for the camera, cheeks pressed together with the most famous figure to be found in any given room. It seems sociopathic. I would never end a friendship over something like this but I honestly feel if I do nothing these types of friendships will slip away because I won’t be in any of their pictures. Friendships now seem to be based on ones most recent Album in Photos. It’s all fine. I don’t mind slipping away unnoticed.

I would love to rent-to-buy a small building with a storefront for work, full basement for storage and studio and upstairs apartment (duplex?). This has always been one of my dreams. I am so into me right now. And my blue-apron vision of myself. My two greatest requirements are a killer kitchen and a giant clawfoot bathtub. These are the things I most want in life. I see it so clearly now. Too much to ask? Shooting way too low? LOL I am not being honest with you. I don’t know that I ever have. You don’t need to know the truth after all. You don’t want it— be honest yourself.

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