Aquarius 5° (January 25)


I have a surplus of phone calls to make that I really don’t want to make. I actually loathe speaking on the phone more than most things, just one of the many ways, probably, in which I have become neurotic, things falling into that category tending to be things one should work on. I have like four hours before I have to change chores here which is actually really inspiring. I’ve already gotten so much done, it feels like a luxury to sit here and write. Now seems to be about assessing situations. S. is off and running on a new venture—other projects might be more a promotional tool than providers of payoffs, which is far better than fine. I suppose I might be feeling optimistic; and it’s not that I’m being cautiously so, I just emotionally fatigued on that score so to be living frugally on surprise, that said, it could be a year of good counsel, eventful, broadcasting, bookish, show-offy, and of aesthetic and artistic expression, among other things. There will still be the impressario, the scene and playwrighting, the daily Blaguing. So I wax academic—I forgot academia!

In near direct contrast to Aries which precedes it, Taurus, the fixed-earth sign, is ruled by Venus, representing the metaphysical feminine principle. Fixed earth is the fertile garden replete with flowers, the power of attraction. Planet Venus energy is centrifugal, working in the opposite fashion from centripetal Mars, whose symbol recalling a shield and spear or the male genitalia,  Venus’s symbol, a circle over a crosed staff, conversely depicts the womb and intact hymen, innocence. It is the main theme of any garden myth, mainly as it leads to certain temptation, again that power of attraction. The gods (read: human archetypes) associated with Taurus are the earthy nubile nymphs and youthful male flower gods. The main nymph mythi is that of Io, who was turned into a snow-white heifer by Zeus to hide his affair with her from wife Hera who knew what was what and pretended she thought Zeus was giving it to her as a gift. She was going to teach her a lesson (mainly about men). The story of Snow White is a retelling of it all. Did we mention that that Venus womb symbol also recalls a mirror, vanity being one of the sign of Taurus’ pitfalls, the sign’s color being green.

The power of attraction appeals to the senses and appetites, assignations of the sign of Taurus which also rules the throat, the gullet, as well as the voice, symbolizing talents, another attribute of the sign. The second house of Taurus, whose motto is I have, encompasses value(s), talents, assets, both real and metaphoric, along with real possessions, money and all kinds of quality stuff. Whether refering to our own talents, our collectibles, or investment portfolio, it is all a matter of cultivation, tending to that which we hold most dear and at which we are most gifted, that which comes most naturally. The nymphs and flowergods toil nor do they spin, the pastoral sign of Taurus advocating for a passive, come hither, approach to even their own ambition. Their energy goes into drawing interest and audiences to them rather than doggedly chasing some quixotic dream.

You go to the garden it doesn’t come to you. And here we see the link to the vanity, Narcissus, Hyancinth, Adonis all being among those male flower gods. Unlike objective Aries, the natives of which are focused outward, perhaps the least self-consious of indifiduals, the navel (or mirror) gazing Taurus takes a subjective approach to self, inclined to see themself from the outside in, forever making adjustments based on audience appeal so to cultivate that which is most valuable to the Taurus: adulation, if not outright adoration. Cows, calfs, bulls are totems of worship and idolatry.


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