Aquarius 4° (January 24)


Two clients today and busy overall. The cosmic climate is feeling a little lighter and brighter. Definitely making some headway just by showing up each day, but trying not to impose ridiculous deadlines on my self, by the same token. Been making delicious meals in the kosmic kitchen and watching more Nova and Nature than any booby tubiness. I am lost in a world of dinosaurs and quantum entanglement and the evolution of horses. I will get all my last year’s financials completely finished so I’m done for tax season. Otherwise I’m working on some new asrological ideas and how the metaphysical and mythic elements of the sign further effect personality of the sign. Et voila….

In our first book Sextrology, we likened the Aries woman to the female sheep—hey Ewe!—who keeps herself aloft, on her climb, watching male rivals vie for her below; mostly this speak’s the the Aries’ woman’s ability to raise herself above arguments in wise Athenian fashion, if not pit opponents against one another to elevate her own position. And though there is the usual overlap between the sexes of the same sign, you still might say with confidence that, as a rule, Aries man tends to be embody the warrior most often on the frontline, while Aries woman is cooly strategizing from her war room, metaphorically speaking but of course. Why sheep?, you may ask. Well, besides the warlike qualities of the Ram, in mythology, the war god Mars evolved from an agrarian shepherd god, really a male fertility figure. Athena, who may partly derive from the more ancient Minoan snake goddesses, armed as they are with serpents, and the bird goddesses like the wargoddess Inana, also Ishtar—Athena’s breastplate , the sheepskin aegis, bears the venomous snake-haired head of the Gorgon; and she is associated with the owl, her wise totem, whose form she takes. Athena emerged as a defender goddess, among other attributes, a palace goddess, inextricably linked to Athens, although her Pallas pre-fix is more suggestive of a phallus, as she is appears, in full armour, as male and there we have those snakes again.

We likewise link Athena in the biblical line to Lilith, Adam’s first wife, predating Eve just as Aries precedes Taurus, whose own archetype isEve and other such “innocents.” Lilith and Adam split up because they both preferred the top position, and she too was winged with other serpentine qualities. All feminist goddesses. The symbols for Athena is a triangle or diamond shape set upon a cross—portraying yoni power above all. It is not a symbol of reception, like the Venus glyph with it’s circular womb above a crossed staff, or hymen, but, like Mars’ own genital “spear-and-shield ” symbol, it is one of definite action, even if on the defensive, blocking, yet another hard-knocks nod to the Ram, in nature, defending its flock. The gender dialectic between men and women, cisgender or transgender, in this premier masculine (air and fire signs are masculine) sign of Aries is spectrum spanning from purest objectifying masculinity to the most potent feminism, refusing to be objectified.

No surprise the sign of Aries rules the head—we enter the world head first, as a rule, and Aries people never abandon that trajectory. Mars and Athena wear brand plumed helmets, she having emerged fully formed from father Zeus’ head. This speaks to the Aries experience, suggesting they come into this world armed with their sense of purpose and ambition. Athena is the goddess of helmsmen and the Aries personality is pinioned on leadership. Mars starts wars, the first to charge into attack just as his more ancient shepherd status saw him likewise leading his charge, that is to say, the sheep in his keep. Leadership, initiation, action, ambition are all Aries’ strongest suits, coming on strong in situations, for better or worse.


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