Aquarius 3° (January 23)


I know you think you have to, but, to the Mika Brzezinskis of the morning news, and really all so called “liberal media”, you don’t have to ask questions that make you seem impartial, especially when you put Democrats in the hotseat over this shutdown. And stop suggesting that they should be dysfunctional enablers of a lying, cheating, thieving, murdering (children held in captivity at the wall), human trafficking (where are the unaccounted for children?), propogandist, money laundering, authoratative, TRAITOROUS pseudo-president and puppet of the international mob syndicate by giving into his raging addiction to all things evil. Then again you put up with the overbearing Joe Scarboroughs of the world who won’t let you get a word in edgewise and whose suggestion it most likely was for you to start growing your hair.

Maybe that was a low blow but, I’m sorry, the gloves have to be off now: Any bit of justification of this lunatic or any inch we give him, he will take a million miles. Meanwhile I have some astrological themes to tackle today and I’m going to dedicate the next few hours to doing just that.

The sign of Aries, that of Cardinal-Fire, is the start of the astrological New Year, on the Vernal Equinox, Spring, which suggest more than a season but a launching into action. The sign is ruled by planet Mars, named for the Roman headstrong war god, Greek Ares, frrom the Greek ariete, literaly, to ram. And so theRam of the Zodiac, is characterized by purest action, launching into action, if not into battles of dominance, headlong. Mars. Both the god and the planet Mars signifies the premier, primal Male Principle in mythology and astrology. The phallic spear of the planet’s symbol portrays outward, centripetal, directive assertive energy. It is the time of shoots springing to the surface and newborn lambs niblling such suculents. It is also time for battle, the month of March and marches named for Mars. Allsuch things springing into action. Newness in itself as the premier concept. New begginings, the infancy of things, this is something, in anything or everything that is, which the sign of Aries rules: the beginnings of all things. Birth and war, the attack, are both bloody affairs and instant struggles for survival.

Athena, the war goddess, is the classical feminine archetype of the sign, representing, among other things, the temperance to temper the Mars masculine temper of the sign. One speaks of masculine and feminine energies in astrology in the abstract; which is very much different from surveying males and females of a particular sign whose make-up in character does, nonetheless, always somehow draw upon thier archetypes, here, Mars and Athena (and a myriad others, (but we’ll get to those—for now we’re spoonfeeding you). Mars and Athena are the first two off-spring of the Olympian gods’ progeny, the first born of Jupiter/Zeus and Hera/Juno. Life is foremost a war that you mightn’t win, so you have to come out fighting. Aries rules this spirit and people born under the sign are suffused with it.

Aries rules the human ages of birth to seven years, that which is defined by adjectives like “terrible” and nouns like “tantrum”, at once the most helpless lamb and most shriekingly selfish and demanding, others be damned. There is a lot to unpack here. As the Cardinal-Fire sign, which translates to a spark (of life), our ignition and animation, also purpose. Mars signifies pure energy, that fight, spearheading goals and Athena the strategy and diplomacy and prudence to support these aims. And so it is no surprise that the most singularly directed of sign-energies in the Zodiac, that Aries people are themselves singular, self-motivated, me me me, every wo/man for themself. They typically have pinpointed campaigns and quests they’re determined to go on and they do so, yes, with a certain vigiliance. It’s as if they can’t separate what might appear to us to be selfish, selfishfrom self-originating sense of duty toward fulfillment. Aries feel they were bornto do whatever they aim for, endowed (and sometimes burdened) with an outsized mantle of import such that said goaimsals feel elevated to that of a spiritually calling. Or maybe it’s vice versa. The point is singular Aries doesn’t second guess it.


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