Aquarius 2° (January 22)


I spent the morning writing but what I ultimately intended to publish here got cut and pasted elsewhere because it bore what should be some secret publishing plans. Writing is a tortue there is no doubt about it and, if I’m going to do it on a grand scale again I will have to be compensated enough so that I can secure myself a semi-tropical place to hole up and write like the dickens; barring that, I’d need to be in an affordable city and/or paradigm where I wouldn’t have to make a meal or a bed unless I chose to do so. Writing requires a housekeeper who, at the very least, can do some grocery shopping and chop some vegetables. And now I must resist the urge to Google “houses for rent in Sardinia” or some such nonsense. But the fact is I must undertake the redirection (another Cancerian word) of our book brand, and do so in such a way that I can be completely nutsy boltsy about it.

I found myself, upon opening Facebook, saying aloud: “I can’t do this anymore.” And the point is I’m not sure I can. I need some college interns to handle that sort of thing. Some marketing and pr interns I can put in charge of social media and the management of all things digital. Another good reason to remain based in Boston with its many schools. Of all the cities in the country (most of which I have never visited so take that with a grain of salt) I think Boston is the most liveable for me. It is the perfect backdrop for my human existence, at once a place to love and rely on, though it mightn’t provide much excitement, and a sort of bedroom community to my New York existence that necessarily needs representing, more and more. Today is the 22nd and I’ve 22 days till our next major public event and so here I am in the first throes of redirection which, ironically, is about attending to what is already on my plate. Interesting irony about the word recovery as it suggests making profound changes while pointing to certain reclamation of a past state of being, bringing something back that was lost. Ourselves?

The day shall be long and I will need patience to put the wheels needing to be in motion. I am happy for the still two months of winter as the Spring will bring much in the way of travel. I am looking for putting that particular time line in place. Starting tomorrow I will be focusing my writing on creating next year’s book intros. I think with those in place, and a couple focused weeks in March, I should be ready to release the next Craken. I have two full years to get my household itinerary honed and consolidated down to some very portable boxes; and to simply move the domestic existence to another place, so that is truly an ongoing meditation. So much of my existence is represented in books and CDs. I think I will ask Emerson what he thinks one should do about ones entire library of CDs. It would be wonderful if someone were to (or has?) invented a device that, as you play a CD, it records that CD, digitally someplace, apart from iTunes from whence ones Library can seemingly disappear (how does that happen), so that it truly belongs to you the owner. I wonder if that’s a thing or if it could be invented. But I digress…

After I make my way through what might entail four pages a day, for the next twelve days, I will then be free to return to the process of mining myself reading back through a lot of what I’ve written these nearly full four years, pulling out bits, working them, fleshing them out, as possible passages for something different. I’m not sure where it is I’ll be going with all that but I know that I won’t have to keep reinventing the wheel but that I can start creating a series of gears from what has already been forged.


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