Aquarius 1° (January 21)


One of the purposes, and the sometime practice of this Blague is to allow for certain stream of conscious. Last night I dreamt I passed by a famous colleague and he snubbed me. I feel that I myself am in a constitutional crisis. That that which metaphysically makes me up is being shaken to its foundation by the tsuami swirl of this current administration. It seems to me that we should be protesting daily, perhaps, in the evening and asking for a new charter—the Chartists were a theme of last night’s “Victoria” on Masterpiece. One point is: being snubbed as such comes as no surprise: One of my ongoing life lessons has been in rejection, a Libra experience for sure—the premier myth of Apollo, a main archetype of the sign, is that of his rejection by Daphne; likewise he is not the chosen inheritor-son of his supreme ruling father Zeus, hat is Dionysus, in effect, his own male-youth form whom he birthed from his fatherly thigh, the body part ruled by Sagittarius, ruled by planet Jupiter (Greek: Zeus). Ah how it all goes together and slides around. But that is part and parcel of what I am currently needing to express in my next messaging about publishing.

But back to this notion of being in a constitutional crisis, from crux, a word akin to crossroads. The duality of Gemini, ruled by planet Mercury, for the messenger god of the crossroads, is that of extremes, no sign best representing the notion of divinity on one hand and merest mortality on the other (Pollux and Castor) than Gemini. And people of the sign being the most vivid example of how these energies play out, personifications of this energy, Geminians portray the notion that people can reach soaring heights of divinity while falling the furthers into the depths of human desperation, whether in turns or at the same time, or both (the operative word of the sign of Gemini). We see in the biblical line that The Fall is characterized by duality as the manifestation of sudden consciousness provided by a bite of an apple—Gemini’s motto is I think. Gemini people personifiy the notion that we are all essentially dual, that we all in various ways continually at a crossroads if not in crisis, as said crossroads in a natural endowment of the human condition….and so forth. And so what comes after being at a crossroads, in crisis, but change, recovery. I never really made the precise link that the following sign of Cancer might simply be change but of course it is and synchronistically we assigned Cool Change to be our “Cancer song” in our recent musical show, written by a Moonchild but of course.

I’m perfectly content, today, to float around these ideas. Cancer is the sign of recovery, change, positive change. To change, to evolve, to move on dot org. Duh that the fourth house is that of the home you come from and the home you create, which we have already associated with passage, promise, deliverance, hope (which floats, Cancer being the premier Water sign)—and fresh water at that. The sign is Cardinal Water which is fresh, moving, life-giving waters whether it be rain (following the electric static of Gemini’s Mutable Air, leading to such a torrent), or the resulting rising and roaring rivers, springs and sources, the origin (home you come from) and where it goes, and what changes it makes along the way.

There is a archetypal, metaphsyical and, at the very least, a philosophical genius encoded into the Zodiac. It is the onion we ourselves continually peel, that which never ceases to reveal layers, revelations. There is some primordial logic to it that draws on, connects, and expresses our elaborate mythologies to which it is inextricably linked…it’s all that…


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