Sagittarius 24° (December 16)

The evening will end with a surprise invitation from Dave to go see singer at the Club. I’m tired but I say yes all the same. Very talented bunch I am eating a burger for two nights in a row. That has got to stop. We stroll back east and sing carols in a pretty decent harmony. It is one of the happiest most innocent nights I’ve had in an age. Anyway here in the future I just sent an email to the outer cape chorale to throw my hat in the ring. We shall see what we shall see. I do need to start performing again, of this I am certain. Anyway I’m going back to the beginning of the end to see what Blague entries could have been so controversial in the past but I think that was it. I don’t think I had anything else to say. Just that one harmless post? Maybe something later when it comes to the Daily Mirror? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This is truly ridicule, if faut dire. 

And here it is nearly a year later and I’m just going to fill in where I can: I suppose I’ll start with things happening over nine months later than this post: Thoughts for the agent: It was a long haul getting to Hachette and we were over the moon about that deal. You gave me such great direction in rewriting the proposal and adding sample material and it yielded something great. Though we didn’t close that deal until July 2020, I was already locked in my office all day everyday from early that Spring outlining the 24 chapters for new book before creating the manuscript which then S would read and make edits which were minimal as the copy really poured out of me rather camera ready. Stella was also manning social media and liaising with you and the publisher and all the outside world on behalf of S+C.

The July 1 2021 deadline was always going to be tight but we took your advice again to heart—to get as much in as possible by that date, and then to take the following month to pass chunks along to the publisher. I was definitely in the zone and had pretty much half the book written by the end of June of that year. We had delivered the first quarter of six chapters to L, and readying the second quarter. Stella was loving the chapters and your own feedback was that is was beautifully written. I was to be on a roll to write six pages a day to finish the manuscript in a timely fashion. As it was Lauren already pushed back the pub date from January to April 2022 and our expectation was she would love the material as it was near exact to the sample we presented with the proposal.

Then of course we all know what happened. S and I were not in communication although I believe we were both separately hoping to get the second quarter of the book to L while I forged ahead with writing the additional chapters. Meanwhile I remember you calling the house as you were trying to get a handle on what was happening, which I explained. Not long after the book contract was cancelled, which was an awful blow to say the least. There has been a question mark hanging over my head ever since which is: Was it simply the fact that we were now going to be that much more delayed? Or did L not like the material? Or both? I to this day don’t have a clear answer in my mind, as again, the chapters were so like the sample.

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