Sagittarius 25° (December 17)

How to decide what will happen today. I need to shop for tomorrow’s dinner and grab some wine from Perry’s. I will pre-cook a great deal, including a chicken, and I had planned on marinating a leg of lamb for eight hours but I will never get to it. Lots of back and forth with LB about the Truro location in summer. (Of course, it will be the place that I ultimately take. My future is still so uncertain as I write this nearly ten months later. I wish I could warn myself of what was to come. My lawyer knew and tried to caution me. I was so hopeful back during this time that we would be friends; actually I thought we’d end up being the best of friends. I would tell myself that my heart will be broken again and again. I wonder now looking back if there was already another man in the picture. Who actually knows. I certainly don’t. I never had any other love in my life but I guess some people are built to trade out one love of their life for another without much hassle. I will never love again like the way I loved in that thirty-eight year relationship. It would be impossible. In fact, I think I really never want another relationship at all, except the one with myself. I will continue to put thoughts together about trying to get the book back in motion, but these will be thoughts I never get to send, believe it or not. 

In the process of our divorce we together decided we would continue to work together in the shared company, specifically on new book, the TV show and other projects, and that as soon as we could we would pay back Hachette which we did a few months back. Though I did reach out to your office and heard back from Tess, it being summer, we decided to wait until after Labor Day to reach out to you again. I hasten to add that S did relay to me that you had spoken back in April, I believe, and that there was some painful fallout with L about which we hadn’t been aware. I know you had originally mentioned that we might try to resell the book to some new publishers who’d never seen our proposal, that had popped up on the landscape, but I believe the main thrust of the conversation in April centered perhaps going back to Andrews McNeel. Of course, we only ever want(ed) you to do what was perfectly comfortable for you.

To be candid, S last week expressed trepidation in regard to contacting you about the book, so I said I would do the reaching out. We do have half a substantial book written, we did already commission rather beautiful artwork to accompany the text as per the contract with Hash; moreover, speaking for myself, I am in a great place both financially and mentally to spend the coming months continuing to bring the manuscript to completion. That is to say we wouldn’t need a large advance nor a surplus of time to make this happen. I will be in Provincetown for the quiet months with not much else to do but write. 

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