Sagittarius 27° (December 18)

Tim and Billy coming for dinner tonight. Spending the day cleaning and cooking like mad. I set a high bar: Chicory Salad w/ Walnuts, Pear and Blue Cheese. Leg of Lamb, Gratin Dauphinois, Haricots Verts (Billy will make an Almond Cake). And, of course, I scheduled this second chat with S which was three hours long and super emotional. I don’t feel like having people over now, but all the more reason to do so I suppose. I do reach out to D+N to say there was a total criss-cross about who thought who was shady between them and the S. I can’t stand this. I think it all comes down to P. who also told them about me and folks chez moi. And they seemed so surprised. But I have to ask why. 

Back to the future (to revisit the past): That is to say that I am now writing this nearly a year later revisiting the little bit I wrote on that day as a placeholder. That said I am looking back through journals and such to see what was up with me around this time…

So much is still in flux. I’m reminded that I’m sure it was Petra’s spiritually bankrupt husband who brought that awful lawyer into our lives. In the end he will cost double what mind does but it all comes out of our shared money. So many points have gotten glossed over; the fact our joint savings account wasn’t one at all and was for her use exclusively, at time, very much like a piggy bank. I think of all I went through with the 2015 car accident and all the doctors and such and how much effort it took to squirrel away the little bit of compensation that this brought. Oh well. I am living in a bubble (and will for quite some time—it is truly amazing that a year on I’m not that much better off emotionally). The time it takes is extraordinary. “August 6: Okay so I need to know a bunch of things and I also have a big to-do list for the next several days. I do seem to be rather stuck in this same place. It may be time to do the eighty days and nights of William Willing. Met this lovely couple who are close with Jamie Raskin. Older Jewish couple lat 70s. I did my mother and son joke and it literally killed. I kind of have a crush on…[and then I don’t finish that sentence]. I will spend the night in bed catching up while I am am disappointed in J+N very much in fact. Especially as I had to endure their having told their friends who then came a trolling. Anyway, 77-year old Nancy (of Nancy and Bob fame) told me I don’t look anywhere 57 which was very nice to hear considering I haven’t slept in months. I have to insert Catness from the Hunger Games into the Leo woman chapter.”

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