Sagittarius 28° (December 19)

It feels quite Sunday today I must say. I had roasted a chicken before I did the lamb, so I decided to take all the meat off the boat and shred it a bit and season it and I’m going to have that with leftie gratin. I have also made the batter for tahini oat cakes which I have to do every week for sure. But I won’t eat these until tomorrow apparently. 

Back to the future (to revisit the past): That is to say that I am now writing this nearly a year later revisiting the little bit I wrote on that day as a placeholder. That said I am looking back through journals and such to see what was up with me around this time…

“The Karen next to me has the worst energy of pretty much any human I’ve encountered. She is a Leo. Which is helping me. Since I will be excommunicated for some time (read: forever) I will have the opportunity to be reborn. And I do have to start taking it. Tomorrow should be people outreach day for sure. Basically I sit here so I don’t have to be lonely. It is actually a good investment in my mental health. When we first moved to Cape Cod it stall had remnants of its 1950s-1970s roots. Going to Christians in Chatham on a stormy, snowy evening and sitting upstairs with a piano bar set up with white men in bright v-neck sweaters over buttollars, mostly white shirts. Not the aging hipster tattoo world in which we now live, twenty five years later. I need the right footwear more than anything else—is there a sports shop in the area? Must get tan, too. Pharmacy razors and shaving cream. Do not feel guilty about eating out as it is saving your life in a very significant way. Continue to inventory rooms, both on behalf ourselves. Doing the heavy lifting is my penance I suppose. Turns out the crush has a girlfriend. Something about an impaled throat. Surrounded by families all tanned faces and feet in red, white and blue pastels. Yeah fuck it: being at Macs has been giving me life. Someone from down the way is saving at me and I have no effing idea who it is. Back in the day, before the internet, I feel I had more regular correspondence with people, via phone and letters. I will get back into the book no matter what S. says. It will be important to keep that muscle going.”

This will not happen.

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