Virgo 10° (September 2)

I slept a whole hell of a lot. And spent the day getting super caught-up on my fundraising. Honestly, I really have done all I can do—the rest will have to be maintenance. It sounds like S. had quite the time in New York filled with kismets. She saw Siobhan and JVB and other friends; but she also got put back in touch with Andrea Liberman, who has her own store of Greene Street, as she should do. She ran into our artist friend and designer, Emily, and Woody Allen and Soon Yi walked into the bar where she and Griet were having a something. It sounds to me like she had one of those visits that are one in a million.

Wigstock looked kind of boring from the outside (pictures on social media); so many people in the community bitch about the commercialism of Ru Paul, and yet this enterprise, spearheaded by Neil Patrick Harris, seemed devoid of soul. But I dunno, I wasn’t there. JVB looked beautiful in the pictures.

Anyway it’s past 9PM and Monkey Business with Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers is on. It really is a bizarre film. Ginger is always so embodied and does a ton of interesting things. Cary Grant is terrible and ad libs way too many words and antics. He actually ruins the film. Also the guy who plays Lloyd in All About Eve is in it—I was just thinking the other night that I’ve never seen him in another film. He’s soave and interesting. (Hugh Marlowe) They film also has a bunch of kids in it, including that kid that appears from time to time who has a deep voice. I see Dean Stockwell in it too, only he doesn’t utter a word.

Anyway in the movie Cary invents a formula that makes people become younger in behavior anyway. It also cures the onset of farsightness and should bursitis. Ugh. And there is another scene in it that I see I Love Lucy ripped off. That’s the bummer of I Love Lucy: If you live long enough you see that the writers “borrowed” ideas from other films, plays, sources.

I once met Mädchen Amick back in the earliest nineties and she was awful. She was dating Alessandro Nivola who apologized to me for her behavior. I bring this up because Drew Droege, doing his Chloe Sevigny at Wigstock, namechecked her in his very funny bit.

It’s now past midmight and I cannot sleep. I’m doing everything I can to keep my side of the street clean, as they say.

I hate tall men, not all of them but most. I recently learned that in Europe, and maybe it’s true, too, in America (I wouldn’t know) that in bars this is the trend: Tall men get picked on the most, in the outplaying of a scenario that goes like this: Tall buff man enters bar with friend. Other men want to beat up becuase he’s tall. (And a conquest?)

I am going out on a limb—and I’ll be sure to alert the psychological community—but I would label this the Goliath Syndrome. Aren’t we all just perfect golden Davids if we can slay someone whose being suggests he could snuff us into dust. I’m going to say yes.

I did a bunch of drawings and encoded them with letters then promptly forgot what the letters stand for so the drawing will be as mysterious to me as everybody else until my pre-dementia un-kicks in.



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