Virgo 11° (September 3)


Today’s agenda entails getting the house tidy for S.’s return. doing some writing about the Libra. I need to check the twitter to see if I had any question on my Virgo woman question to the relative masses. I will use the 5-7 hour to upload some press. I will also book a ferry for one of our visiting guests. I need to change the city on the King release (I know you have no idea what I’m talking about but that’s too bad.) I must clean up my lousy desktop and get passes and sparklers list to the box office; and find a venue for Tuesday night party; and to collect the posters for the marquis. To raise another $7-8K. I have this to write and two others, plus five signs so that’s eight which means four hours which mean six-thirty. Nobody reads this except Erin. That whole story is hysterical, now, in hind sight. Of all the people in the world who might read their name in here, the last person I would think would would (I love would would) be Erin. But I think that’s cosmic in itself. What I mean by that is she and I were never going to work as colleagues. I liked her very much when we met her in Bushwick; and she is one of the greatest actresses of her generation in my opinion so I will always have respect; but she’s gone from iffy to work with to a risk to downright abusive. On a level that is beyond anybody, even the Virgo. So go euphemism yourself Erin, in case you’re reading this. You’re not. Or you may be. Either way I don’t care. I don’t like unkind people and as I always say: If you’re going to have enemies, they better be really bad people.


One of my favorite artists and people is Mary Birdsong who nonetheless didn’t conduct herself “correctly” in our dealings; but Mary is a human being with a conscience and she made things right by us. Of all the people I’ve met in this life I consider Mary the most gifted with the bird song. There’s nothing she can’t do vocally, from my perspective. Amber Martin comes close but Amber doesn’t take care of herself the way a singer that gifted should. But like Kavanaugh says we are all imperfect being. Yes that sentence was loaded with irony.


Set up every FB page and finishing inviting folks. I must also finish the grant work with Brian. Figure out the refridgeration of Tuesday’s sushi and where we are actually to gather. I did send about 100 emails to folks. I have not made enough money to pull off this festival. I will have Brad get our S& S gift card. I will send the comp list and the sparkler list and the festival pass list to box office. And I will have to go back and ask people what they are or aren’t doing opening night. And work on some bits.


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