Capricorn 24° (January 14)


Trump is definitely a Russian asset. This is as obvious as the toupee on his head. It isn’t enough to say we hate this man, because hate is the wrong word, as is man. A guest on a news show recently said he’s barely human. This is barely accurate. Anyway, I’m backing off the news, and television in general for awhile; I’m eager to get my Spring on and in order to do that I have to clear the Winter decks. I think by the time the astrological new year rolls around, end of March, I’d like to be focused on all new things. And Winter is just about a third over now which makes one mindful not to waste the time. Capricorn’s motto is I use and in some ways I think it means don’t waste the darkness and the downtime; go in, hibernate (Winterize) and, yes, leave it on the mountain. Crashed relationships, downed artistic delusions. Renewal is going to take some resolve to put the past behind. Another Capricorn power. The goat gods were culture gods—culture is at least one generation, if you will, more resonant than the present state of civilization, a Libra word. The word civil implies relationship. There is much to mine here, but back to my original point: Just as Capricorn energy pulls through traditions, and even deepens them, a most pure example of Capricorn power being that of preservation; but the energy of the sign also resolves the past, putting certain elements to permanent bed. Permanence is actual the goal, here, in two directions.

For the next three months I’d like to do nothing however that is simply not possible. In fact my personal to-do with which I emerged from yesterday’s first business meeting of the year is pretty packed. Much of what is on it are perennial things which, in my yearly cycle, need to be set up right around this time of year, so to make for an easier, though always potentially busier, second half. There is certain pride in knowing how to ride the serpent from year to year; and of course this year the plan is to add a new major component; so I really need to be ready. Or not. We shall see. The trick now is to decide which days, in some kind of strict routine, I work on what spokes of the biz.

It’s all pretty banal stuff. The fundraising is always the most daunting. I’m looking at making the other stuff rather fun. I’d also like to expand into the brand ambassador space but even as I write this I think no we have to save that for ourselves. The one brand we ever ambassored was a KY warming gel, ha! Someone looking at this paragraph think, at a glance, will think that I’m in Kentucky. I’m not. I’m on beloved Cape Cod but I head to Boston and New York in a few days to produce a show and see some shows and visit some museums. I’m really excited to get away for a quick bit and when I get back i will tackle those minutes for sure. This is always a great place to write out some notes for those things on my list that requiring the stringing of words, especially when it is astrological, so you should expect some of that. Meanwhile I’ll be somewhat brief these next several days.


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