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Okay I admit it: I’ve hit a wall. (And no not the wall). Somehow today, with all these posts about Carol Channing on social media, the emptiness and absurdity has hit me with full force: Too much of this is mindless media slavery and addiction, and I list narcissism under that heading. There is mental illness involved in powerlessness over excess anything, but the man forms in which it takes: Endless selfies, opinions, stances, memes, trends, games, posturing, soapboxing, punditing, moralizing, mourning, celebrating, bragging, showboating, lame joke-telling (and we can go on and on), everyone trumpeting all at once but not really listening is probably not only a distraction but a determined one. I think social media is just one more opoid of we people. I use social media unapologetically for one thing only, really, and that would be promoting, which is really always selling something. Although most of what I sell is for non-profit purposes. So…

I have to find the courage (which really just means push through or path-ness) to put this life in motion. It tickles my fancy to think of really making a go of it at this point; and I also believe it’s time to make ourselves happy. I can literally spend a good five months, in two two-point-five intervals, abroad; it is where I am at my most inspired, for one, and in many ways my most healthy. I walk everywhere, my blood pressure lowers, and I’m await from the madness that is American culture. I need to be in America for the better half of a year, I realize that; but it makes my needs on that score rather lean, in the process. I’m looking forward to the very near future with signature superstitious trepidation. I fear, as many of us do, some other shoe dropping on happiness. But for now I just want the happiness. And to crack more than a few codes.

I think of Boston and I think money. It is a finance city. It has much more to offer than that—like some of the best food anywhere, and a better night’s sleep than one gets in New York—but as I continue my outreach to would be financiers for my non-profit touring festival. But I don’t need to be there terribly much and certainly not during the cold months. May and June and September are probably the best times to be in Boston, especially when in conjunction with Provincetown. But we shall soon expand into various places, I imagine, as the consultancy and other aspects of our wee dynasty demand. It’s going to be fun to get all these various projects spinning and just keep revisiting them, in turn. The trick is connecting all the nots and not letting it spread you too thin. It is important to fan out though for sure.

And right now it is truly very simple, without too much on the January plate. I am systematically setting up my tour plan, speaking with various venues, and most notably about Brian King. I’ll be on the phones pretty much constantly in this regard the last two weeks in January, simultaneously casting my Provincetown festival and next year’s performance series in Cambridge. I have to be really blunt with would be supporters to, and train them into giving earlier than usual. Otherwise it is just too hard to plan not having a clear idea of budget. And the town of Provincetown is giving me less money this year than they have in recent years. So one has to be prepared for such shifts.

It is all about moving the needle, or as it has often been known, the spoon. And just taking the time to get things off the ground, starting with books. That’s why I’m pretty happy to be having an agent friend over to dinner tomorrow whose brain we might pick a bit. And who knows, perhaps we will even find a project to work on together. With Goop in hand we need to reach out the the PR Czars and suggest Sextrology or Cosmic Coupling. People have often said one of the first entities we might need to hire is a PR but I do remain rather skeptical on that score for a variety of reasons not least of which is that I know it can be a lot of bullshit. That said I have been happy with the job certain folks have done in the past and I would consider rehiring someone on a project basis for a specific purpose. But right now we need a push for V-day with a little mini release attached. And a couple of pictures pasted in. And that is really all.




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