Capricorn 26° (January 16)


Today has a consolidating feeling. We are getting ready for a quick trip to Boston and New York and will mainly be focusing on art and letting the inspiration begin. I have been giving myelf a good talking to about art and commerce and how the ‘twain shall meet. I am very much looking forward to righting every wrong I possibly can, career-wise; and now that I know that, if I am clever and priming the pump and making sure that there are some key items which might already generate a little action, I’m convinced that continued support will come to us. There are no free rides that is for sure; and I don’t know if I’d even know how to take one given the opportunity. We have an agent friend visiting tonight and that should make for interesting conversation. I have been staying up too late these past few nights binge-watching stuff, episode after episode, and I”m not exactly sure why. C’est comme ca I suppose.

It wouldn’t or shouldn’t be unusual for me to fall asnoozed for a little bit today. I’ve precooked in the cosmic kitchen all I can possibly do in preparation. The house has been cleaned from top to bottom and all the errands needing running have been run. I woke up feeling really chilled and coldy today so I have got to take care that I don’t get too runned down before I even embark. There was a post from Scooter today about Walt on social media. I’m thinking this must be an anniversary of his dealth. Walt and I made for uneasy bedfellows when we worked together in magazines. He had been a wunderkind, both of us now in our mid twenties—I was twenty-five when I married—and he felt threatened, which he shouldn’t have done, because magazines were not my jam; I was saving all my love for acting at that time.

Walter, as I always (and everyone then) called him, was a tough-as-nails narcissist and a style genius, sincerely. He was raised in the clubs and as a teen knew more than is reasonable, and wrote, about fashion; while putting together photoshoots where he was also the man behind the camera, styling his subjects, doing self-portraits, typically, in tandem with his friend Simone whom we all called Fondu. Walter and I worked together, first, at The New York Social Calendar which was a cool thin mag available in slick new hotels opening, like the Paramount and the Royalton, in New York, becoming the Where magazine of that brand of chic, quaisi-boutiquey hotels. I was officially, as Managing Editor, Walter’s boss; but he couldn’t conceivably cope with that dyamic; particularly because I was brought in to replace Lisa Kennedy and Donald Suggs, combined, who both worked at the Village Voice and were considerably more “correct” than I was. Correct was Walt’s favorite word for describing both pinacle expression and experience.

In the end Walter and I came to highly respect, and more importantly, trust each other. I recognized his talents from the start and he ultimately came to see me in the most favorable lights. I really felt appreciated by Walter and the feeling was mutual. I loved Walter though we lost touch as he apparently lost his way. Is Capricorn, the goat, about finding your footing? I feel this time of year, with which the sign corresponds, is very much about that. We all want to get the new year off on the right foot, for one, and it’s also a very dreary time of year, perhaps for many, when the past, in particular (associated with the sign with its emphasis on traditions with its ruler Saturn, named for the god of the former, golden age, with his scythe or sickle, the prototype of old-father Time, may give us pause if not come back to haunt us. The goat god Pan, giving rise to panic and signature melancholy, to which we might succomb, sometimes completely. Not finding ones footing, this time of year notoriously sees a spike in suicides, whether suddenly intentional, or ultimately inevitable, slipping sadly into finality.


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