Capricorn 27° (January 17)


Drove to Boston today as an artist performs my series at the American Repertory Theater. They gave me a little conference room to sit in while I awaited our room to be readied, which it readily was. Stella had appointments out and I brought lefties from last eve’s dinner, so I had a few bites and tried to get some ideas down and also fit in a little Glow work. We had an afternoon client and then hopped a cab to Waypoint for din din. Had a lovely Georgian red, salad and pasta, keeping it super simple. Then on to Dan’s show which was exactly the one he did this past Afterglow Festival in Provincetown. He had been given an alternate dressing, which was more like a green, room. It was actually a performance space. Then my colleague Sophie came back to say someone was requesting me. I knew who that was.

The someone is a supportive character in terms of the non-profit; and we met, seemingly, through some form of cosmic connection. In the end he will have inpsired extreme and unique behavior on my party—he was so loud and so filibustering that I found myself putting my hand over his mouth. And this is someone whom I am meeting for the first time in the flesh. That is to say that I was immediately moved to dysfunction in relationship. This, though, after said someone shouted out to the stage during the artists performance, not once, but a few times. I had a message, that I didn’t get until the next day, that the artists sent me immediately after the show saying he wanted an exit strategy from the theater without encounter our supporter, who was seated with a group of friends and with whom, all together, including the artists, we were going out with afterward.

So here we all trundled along to the restaurant and Stella situated herself between the aritst and the sponsor, who was quite aggressively physical, and the companion with him was also proving to be caustic, although I was unaware of the fact at the time as I was seated, across from the artist, next to Brian. I was have a fun and lively conversation, all the while keeping my eye on the someone who was spouting Shakespeare or his own poetry. These sorts of experiences which only happen with certain people and in certain places, like Paris, and not typically anywhere in America, never seem sinister in any sense to observers when they’re happening so I really didn’t glean how much influence was currently being running; and the flirtatious companion came over to chat (mainly about how he had to get himself and this certain someone to another party) and ended up planting a kiss on me which, I’ll admit, in the moment, wasn’t totally unwelcome if not unsolicited. Again that kind of Paris in the eighties kind of feeling; although I don’t think it went down to well on the other side of the table where more of a battle was being waged than I wagered.

All said, people, particularly the apologetic, should always get the benefit of the doubt, which is surely something I shall provide while being ever the more mindful of boundaries. Despite indulgences, the evening felt freeing and it ended on a mindful note with the artist walking him back to his hotel before we got a car back to ours. We changed our plan and decided not to drive to New York tomorrow given the ensuing weather patterns. I know Stella is sad not to go and to miss the museum plans she made, and me too; still I feel we are dodging a bullet and we will spend the day, tomorrow, at the M.F.A. here instead, after some delicious breakfast brew of coffee and a healthful muffin, up and at ’em.

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