Capricorn 28° (January 18)


Woke up to a pointed friend request which is fine. Had some solo time in the hotel this morning before meeting for what we determined would be a small but flavorful lunch as the plan at this point was to return to Cambridge for the soft opening of Longfelllow’s. So I had a chowder at Sonsie and we strolled to the museum. The jewelry exhitit was small but surely meaningful—we already owned the book. And we saw the Ansel Adams exhibit too which, maybe it was my mood, left me cold. We did bump into Sarah Peake and her wife Lynn, however, so that was a fun synchronicity. We walked back through Kenmore instead of the way we came, behind Symphone, etc. And it was getting fairly cold at this point. Upon our return Stella suggested just going downstairs to Uni and calling it an early night and that’s what we did in the end. Harrison was working so we felt very well taken care of. And we ended up brining our bottle of wine upstairs to watch Ru Paul and then fall asleep. That rhymed sort of.

Meanwhile: Yesterday on our drive into town we had an amazing discussion, Stella and I, drawing on our meeting the other night with Tim B. (there is also a Tim C. in our life but there is no Tim A.). For the love of multipurpose I might recount this as if I’m recounting the meeting as a whole to those who were there: Again it was wonderful spending time, having dinner and catching up on all the terrificness that has transpired in the in-between years since book club. Alot happens in a decade. Or maybe this isn’t the way to go. Perhaps it’s just a matter of me speaking on certain subjects. Like authorship. We never undertook the notion of writing a new book under our real names, but it is an interesting concept because it is meta in the sense that we are bringing the readers behind the veil and, in that vein, I think it could be a wonderful project and tack to take. The question remains what to do with our original directional plan when it comes to publishing. I suppose that shall remain to be seen. I will reach out and determine next steps.

The idea that Tim proposed is an idea we already had, and which has been on our would be book-publishing to-do list, now for over a decade. And it was always linked to a certain broadcast-program concept, so it is something we really do want to do. We have been thinking that we have other projects, first to roll out, but we are interested in changing that roll out if we think it makes the most sense. I don’t think it should slow the roll of other Starsky + Cox projects however but that our roll-out should now be double pronged. Doing one project under our own names does allow for certain objectivity, on ourselves included, as Starsky + Cox are part and parcel of the history of astrology, being one of the most successful brands to publish on the subject. Anyway I don’t think the pursuit of this idea vis a vis the pursuit of getting the next Starsky + Cox project going should be in conflict or mutually exclusive; rather we believe they can, should and must run in parallel to one another. I think that is the main takeaway in regard to where we are in this process.

Also, a couple of days ago, I heard back from our friend and colleague Diane who is now involved in a new media and broadcasting venture. She reached out before the new year to ask if we wanted to develop something. After a break in fielding many a producer’s inquiry into our brand, plus doing lots of filming on that front, I am keen to do something. So yesterday, also, in our brief car ride to the New England capital. It is a very simple idea. In fact it couldn’t be easier or more perfect and it recalls a familiar form while allowing for a total refreshening of the usual guest-driven concepted in a talk format. I need to find and update our bio a bit to send Diane’s way early next week.



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