Capricorn 29° (January 19)


Heading back to the Cape this afternoon after a salad from Mother. It was fine driving but the decision to hit Trader Joe’s in Hyannis on a Saturday before two stormy weather systems are meant to hit on this three day weekend, well, that was hard won, both in terms of parking spots and check-out lines. We were feeling goofy and I think secretly glad our plans changed and at the fact we had pre-made frozen cauliflower-crust pizza. I am reminded that I must download Sonos and some other apps. We had an organic Barolo and caught up on funny shows. I will be finished and/or up-to-date with the now handful of things I choose to watch; but I do need to curtail even further and add back reading, which I’ve none of late. I’m already in recovery mode now.

I was preparing a bio for a colleague in media and the latest bio I wrote ironically implied we were focusing more exclusively on our consultancy over media. So I will edit from there and ultimately come up with something like this:


Having met as teens in Boston, marrying in their early twenties, Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox have gone on to become two of the most successful astrology authors to hit print. Their seminal book Sextrology (Harper Collins 2004) subtitled The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes has sold upwards of half a million copies in dozens of languages around the globe. Hailed as “eerily accurate,” their work dragged the subject out from the occult aisle and placed it smack dab in the center of the modern zeitgeist. Cosmic Coupling (Crown 2010) followed suit; and Starsky + Cox publish a yearly Haute Astrology series of twelve horoscope books; and have contributed to numerous publications and websites.

Starsky + Cox have appeared on a number of podcasts, radio and TV programs, in the U.S. as well as the UK and Europe; most notably as regular guests on “Chelsea Lately” on E!. “Live!” host Kelly Ripa is also a famously outspoken fan. Starsky + Cox were hosts of their own public radio show “The Cosmic Connection” which gave a glimpse into their private consultancy. Drawing on psychology, astrology, metaphysics and a little “something extra”, Starsky + Cox are counselors to an international clientele whom they help achieve self-actualization. Starsky + Cox also conduct their starry, entertaining, on-the-spot “Cosmic Clinics” at charity and private events around the country and abroad. Starsky + Cox have collaborated with artists and numerous music, fashion, beauty, media, advertising, entertainment, product and events companies like Bryan Rafanelli, MAC cosmetics, Sephora, Chandelier, Kylie Minogue, Marc Jacobs and TK

Starsky + Cox regularly perform their double-act of song, wit and wisdom at places like Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York City and at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Recently, Starsky + Cox presented an original motivational lecture entitled “Unlocking the Zodiac Code” in Boston, Massachusetts.

Starsky + Cox are serious consultants with an encyclopedic knowledge of myth, mysticism and archetype. They are certified by The London Faculty of Astrological Studies with degrees from both Boston University and L’Université de Grenoble. Starsky has an additional degree from La Sorbonne, Paris and holds a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London. She is also a CMA-certified meditation instructor. Cox is a scholar of metaphysics with quantifiable psychic abilities.


I hope the above doesn’t sound too loaded. I will run it by Stella, who will no doubt have suggested changes, in any event.


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