Gemini 6° (May 27)

I keep trying to add pictures to this but having trouble adding media.

Was a wonderfully lazy day. I lay in bed and watched a pretty bad movie, Game Night. Formulaic. And anyway, in the midst of Jason Bateman backlash, his schtick is wearing a bit thin. I do love me some Rachel McAdams though I must say. Anyway, I was wondering how the Jersey boys would feel today and it seems everyone is still up for it; even though I imagined the whole thing unraveling. But for now it is still on which is cool. My mind starts to race about whether or not I’ll be judged by folks for my lifestyle or for my house which is really weird because in the end I could live in a cave and it would still end up exhibiting an enviable aesthetic. I am sort of recovering today. It is a holiday weekend and I know I’ll end up working tomorrow; so for now I’m just doing lists in my head, really.

I need to schedule day to scan all our press to date and start getting rid of hard copies we don’t need. I drafted a letter of agreement for Brian which I need to finalize. I need, in the coming days, to focus on an artist or two per day getting all their materials sorted and onto the website and such. And I have to update the sponsor bit on website too as I bring in funds. I want to contact Preservation hall and speak to David Drake about our tour. Also the cotuit Art Center. I had a thought about Sandra Bernhard and asking Mitch for her contact in a way that wasn’t cringey but I’ll hve to re-remember it. It was a similar formula to dealing with Andy Cohen I think.

I’m glad Diane Borger was able to come see Fauxnique. I tried to wipe a little bit of slate clean but I wasn’t convinced it happened, if yo kow what I man. But I will write to all the A.R.T. folks and let them know they are invited to Afterglow. I just need ten columns of ten people to make up a hundred hundred dollar sponsors. I do still need to get a good letter going to venues. And it was funny looking at the Czars site how so many PR are looking for writers; I need to know what that means exactly. I should really make it a focus of mine to work the mens magazine angle.

This is a letter of agreement between Afterglow and Brian King (& What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?) as concerns the piece “Gravitational Fool”, in the execution of a NEFA planning grant and showcase, and subsequent tour, with or without the receipt of a subsequent NEFA grant. Afterglow will pay a total guarantee of $1500 to Brian King and company as “artist fee” for their rehearsal time and performance of the showcase; and keep an additional $1500 in reserve from which Brian King and company can draw for the purposes of reimbursement for work conducted or expenses incurred by Brian King and company, as per Brian King’s discretion. Invoices and/or receipts will be provided for reimbursement…..

 That’s a start anyway.


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