Sagittarius 9° (December 2)


Yesterday was pretty fun I must say. I wrote a lot in the morning and somewhere in the back of my mind I did want to get to the opening of the new Community Center Arts but I knew I wouldn’t likely make the actual ribbon cutting ceremony. I made a sort of delicious stew, with, well, stewed tomatoes, bok choy, chicken, cashew and some leftover browned sauce from the roast. It was delicious and filling. Anyway, I haven’t been going on about food simply because I haven’t really been in the kitchen as per usual. This time last year I remember doing so much with food but ever since I’ve removed potatoes, grains of all kind, and am trying to err on the keto side (not that I know if that’s even good for me) I was having more fun. I think I may have to go back to that a bit. Anyway, I’m not saying that my fun was fueled by legumes, which I also no longer eat, but it was creative to have more leeway in the kitchen. And besides what I’m trying to get to is that I’m getting a bit more turned on by the kitchen again and yesterday I floated the idea of cauliflower crust pizza and it went over really well and even included accompanying red wine so I did all the ingredient shopping, including cheescloth, for squeezing the liquid out of roasted riced cauliflower, and I got the wine, and I got to stop by the Community Center. And it was our first time really plowing through the show, songs foremost.

With all that’s going on in the world I still can’t get my brain around the timeline in the Mama Mia movies. Either Meryl Streep had Amanda Seyfried at 40 (which is doubtful since she had to hide the pregnancy from her peers and parents) or the Amanda Seyfriend character is actually aged 50. If we could negotiate this problem I think we can fix so much of what’s wrong with the world today.

Sorry about the above but sometimes certain thoughts occupy my brain. Anyway, it was fun to have a little break but broth now again replaces wine as the evening libation as I put body, mind and spirit into training mode leading up to the next high feast day. I did spend the day getting the tour-work moving and contacting folks at theaters on that score. I will (over the holidays not now) get a comprehensive document together listing all the possible venues and put a letter out there. I also hope to get myself into some board rooms for what will be the Boston based Glow Festival. If I can be a part of generating income for artists in the New England region that would be a very worthwhile endeavor. I hope that I will get equal support from venues and from artists. Such that I would communicate the fact that we are literally putting this together, from both sides.

I keep getting clues from the Universe, in any case, that we are on the right track. Twice I found items—a receipt, a photo—that dated back to our most original foray into the world of manufacturing. I even forgot that much of what we ended up doing in 2006 had its roots a decade, even, before that. It is therefore reassuring to remember that this has been a part of us for a long time; and there is a certain sense of reuniting with (your)self on this very subject. In a sense that it isn’t a fall-back plan by any stretch of the imagination, but that it is part and parcel of plan A. What is required in any form of plan A is the getting together, and keeping together, of oneself. This is a literal form of integrity. A mind-body-spirit form that is essential to the succesful achievement of anything really.


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