Sagittarius 1° (November 24)


I seem to have slept on my face. I have a vague recollection of burying it into the corner of the sofa. I have been falling asleep like a stone these last several days, a welcome relief to the hard-pounding insomnia one has sometime suffered. But the inside of mouth was actually numb, a result, I surmise, of nerves being temporarily messed by a razor thin line my lower teeth had cut perfectly horizontally inside and under my lower lip. Later it will twitch uncontrollably. This day feels like a loveable mess, almost a personification of one you might assign that label. It was an Oscar rather than a Felix day. I didn’t so much do a lot as get very organized despite the scene set for certain sloth and the laziness with which my character actually participated. I have been in a sort of funny failure to launch mode meets extinction burst of premature holiday living. That is a bud which must be nipped. It is all too easy to fall into a “well it’s the holidays” head; statistics show people eat way to much between Thanksgiving and New Year’s; I for one do not intend to fall into that kind of culinary trap. Luckily, the kitchen isn’t the focus here and I haven’t been my typical foody self for quite a while. I mean I still cook gorgeous meals but I don’t go overboard like a once did. It’s just the two of us so much of the time I need to keep things simple. When we’re back in more a city environment I’ll be entertaining more and that is always fun but also creatively inspiriting on the cooking front.

One of the major nuts I want to crack this coming year is that of our traditional publishing life. I have a thousand ideas regarding self-publishing; but separate from that I need to work some magic with some larger company with which I can make a sexy deal. That is definitely high on the priority list. I do need to limit what is on my to-do list; and really focus on certain things, exclusively, during various monthly periods. It is indeed all possible and I look forward to further forays into all the projects I’ve started over the years, taking a more executive approach to them all. It really must be the year of execution, a word with such an unfortunate double entendre. Perhaps exeuction is a Capricorn word. Only people who know that I think in twelve categories knows what that means.

Well it seems very likely that I will catch up to myself in due course today. Indeed if I can keep up writing like this —sorry to wax meta—I could be in good stead starting tomorrow and then, perhaps, for all time. The point is that I have zero time to waste. I neglected to mention that we bought a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. How normalized are we? It fit perfectly in the dining room and we have just put lights on it. Something about a tree with just lights can seem more beautiful than with the full ornaments package. I’m not sure I’m ready to go there to be honest. The purity is the thing. And right now purity comes in the form of little white lights. Although they do look kind of greenish to be honest. Oh well, I figure it will help us in the creation of the show this year. Speaking of which I’ve got to write a press release and get the show talked about places!

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