Sagittarius 2° (November 25)


There are always going to be would-be anxieties that one can quell by deferring even the slightest catastrophizing, something I wonder if the British spell with an S. Case in point traveling to NYC to directly attend a rehearsal. It will be done, and can be done. If you just allow for some air. Most things work out. And also I will be able to finish the draft of this show today by 1PM rehearsal and I’ll go over my checklist of things as I go through. And keep all other relevant notes handy as well. Some days you just have to be more the managing editor than writer-creator; the show isn’t that earth-shatteringly important. It jus is what it is. But what it is can be much more fun, far more stressless and seamless an affair. At least that’s what I’m going for. I’m bringing the elegance back on many levels this holiday season. Join me won’t you?

It starts today with the writing of the second half of the show. I have to remind myself that I’m not actually going to say pretty much anything that is written on the page, or all of it, or some combination of elements on the page with new stuff flying into my brain. This is the first step toward increased autonomy in the performance. The show is about your own enlightenment which, hey, we might as well give it a shot, right. I want to be very clear about stuff. And succinct; and I want, especially, to speak with authority. I am not a kook. There are no kooks here.

There is a new study out about cannibis and cognitive development and how young people should not, repeat should not, do weed to early as it might actually wire them for addiction as THC is addictive. I was how old? Fourteen when I first tried the stuff. That is in fact young but oh well too late now. I never truly enjoy smoking weed with other people anyway. It seems so funny now that it is legal. I still don’t know how one would go about buying any. The whole thing seems kind of mysterious that way I suppose. Funny how when something like this occurs, by the time it does I mean, you really don’t care. One of these days I suppose I’ll try an edible. I haven’t had the opportunity yet so far.

I’ve been wanting for ages to Google: whatever happened to Percy Weasley. Apparently the answer is nothing. He’s been around the whole while. Woops. Oh well. What am I supposed to do about the fact I don’t know everything about you know who. At some point I will circle back and read all the books again. I’m waiting for second childhood to do so. I want to do a lot more reading overall in any case that’s for certain. I stare at all the books in this house and thing sheesh I’ll never get through them all. And I won’t. It’s very possible I’m not living life correctly. I want to limit the number of mistakes moving forward I can tell you that. I am grateful for the removal of obstacles to my good these days. I do believe I am doing the heavy lifting.

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