Sagittarius 3° (November 26)

It is Monday and just over three weeks to our upcoming show. I think we are in good shape considering everything else we’re juggling. Today might be another day of shifting sands where, if I don’t do first things first, they really won’t get done. I know I can be way more functional than even I’m being. Honestly, and people must relate to this, I vacillate between thinking myself to be a prolific and functional producer of works, goods, services and ideas; othertimes I feel like I’m just treading water. I never consider myself a procrastinator. I am by definition a productonator, I get a lot of necessary things done (that would need to get done in any case) as a form of procrastinator from the any one thing I “should” be doing at any given time. I also just plain old spook myself getting started on things; I bust out with this feeling that I’m not ready to do it or something. When it’s best to just rip off the bandaid.

I’m looking at some stuff on my desk, various scribblings, that I should record lest I lose them for life. Lussier Clark Rudin Lecesne Gavin Pete Arsenault Tobin Caddell Mimi Peter Belsky Tranie Joshua Greene Mimi Caryn Roman Renata Nathalie Keller Kohlhaas Ruby Tyler Roland Performers, Birthday List, Clever ways to get books and tickets cooking. Lance Zecca Clever list O’ Comps purchased tickets. Trey Heather Randall Bartlett O’Brian Both Brendas Romy Phil People in NYC Nancy Shayne Amy Phoebe Lishansky Forke Dax Fourrat Gene James Bagluth Pesakoff Trip’s List Welcome Shoppe Catland Nasser Sammy River Cote Joshua Fried Fraioli Adam Nelson Brooklyn crowd. Parker, Frankie, Bretty, Nicky, Sean, Clients Book fans Edsel Tatiana Katz Ira Oberon Steve Ross and some high gloss. Tyrnauer Styles section. Maura, Schecter, Fancy, actors Tia Wu. I would love to own a nightclub—it is actually one of my dreams. It could actually be one of those older life goals that I’m now doing everything for. To own a nightclub and sleep all day until someone drags you out of bed to exercise your carcass, or to fall into a heated pool like the one at One Aldwych in London, my favorite pool experience of them all. I would model it on the Napoleon, in any case, with two sound-proofed cabaret rooms, ideally. But surely one. I have to play big in Boston and kanoodle with some money guys. This will dovetail with my fundraising in any case.

Back home here in reality: I have to get back into the hot room. Aries man is most cut and dry. Aries woman is most cut and run. Aries are realists. Combine these new notes with the musings notes (chapter openers) for fodder for Next drafts and weed out repeats from Sext. Woman biggest brat. All about realness. Next could be in second person. 24 Slim volumes. Once you’ve done the larger chunks of people, then you can start the process of profiling who will be doing what. Memo on the other two-thirds investment. “Going back to go forward” not sure why that came up.


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