Leo 6° (July 27)

Well my Equity is paid up which is good. I am doing the best I can to get back into the work. But today will become about one thing and one thing only. I received a legal document from the people. It was incredibly difficult to digest and yet hands have now been shown. My throat is sore and I feel a little “breathy”; my windpipe has been feeling rather weird in fact. I wonder if I’ve contracted the dreaded. I surely hope not. It is getting quite dicey out here though. I am wearing my mask everywhere, pretty much. I am making notes already, but it was quite a shock to the system. I want to figure out a way through and out. I have lists of notes of different kind. I have questions that need to be answered before I even address the document itself and what my counsel will need to discuss with me. So basically what I have to do is make categories. I should start with the logistics document the Dobie brought and then combine that with my responses thereto. And then I have asked questions about Moving and I have asked about the Cars and I have asked about “Tangible Property”. I did spend much of the year going through and prepacking the basement. I have done much heavy lifting on that score. That will seem to go unappreciated. We will address the advance. If we are speaking about the name brand we should try to preserve that but it will require effort. This dovetails with a desire to have a shared office. I mean I’m attempting to understand still. So first line of stuff will be to put my questions together that really have not that much to do with the document but answers I’ve been wanting—meanwhile it will dovetail with the would-be agreement. I will have tons and tons to say over the next couple of days. But my only goal tonight was to catch up to where I was and I didn’t do it. It’s a lot and I cut myself some slack but starting August 1, I have to be the most together cat on the block. I’m learning mainly that people are super selfish. I cannot get over what’s going on with them in a few days from now. I’m supposed to be writing this in real time so I shouldn’t elude to a supposed future but man oh man, am I ever in for it. Every day seems to bring a new revelation about the reality that I was living. It might as well go to court and result in shaming. Really who cares at this point. I lost the one person I truly loved and four thousand of our friends. People side with the woman always I think. Men are pigs, especially if it’s easy, as it is in this case, to clutch pearls and categorize one in said manner. I think I’ll just marry David Geffen—he’s always liked me. All I know is nobody needs this crap. It shoud be much easier than this. The point is there is no point. I am very surprised by certain individuals—those chaps from Hudson have proved especially hollow, but weren’t they always? Especially the fat one. He’s not fat anymore but it’s the only way to distinguish them at this point. I am sounding like a cunt and that’s because I am one. Well the mail is no longer being forwarded and I will get to the bottom of the banking in coming days. In the meantime I have proved the fact that oysters are not an aphrodisiac. Not in the least. I have appealed to the sometime partner on every level. Oh I suppose that’s enough words don’t you. I was so happy to find that I have these amazing childhood friends and starting tomorrow I really need to start taking some pictures. I can’t believe only one friend from the UK has actually thought to pick up the phone. And I dare say someone made him do it. All people there have to do is get a whiff of non heteronormality and they will make it the butt of jokes (no pun intended) for the rest of all eternity. 

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