Pisces 5° (February 24)


We had snow overnight in New Hampshire and it took some digging out. And then all our bags…we were kind of ridiculous with the amount. I’m looking forward to staying put a while to be honest. It was great to talk through all the N/B stuff last night with caring friends. It was strange to pass by without stopping but it was right. Waiting for the walking green. There will be a couple more weeks of winter, despite what that hog queen said, and as a big joke on us for not having much in that way for awhile. Playing real good for free. Faggots please. Why can’t we own that word? I was called faggot for the bulk of my young life why can’t I claim it now. Anyway. This requires a complete rewrite so here I go again. I will be focusing fully on what must be a serious roll out of exacting work between now and March 15. I will have all the information I need and I will also be able to plan some travel in the process. I am excited to get my grand schemes off the ground before the even bigger ones pour in. It’s all in due course and I want to feel very good about that. And I should. I am going to do the lent thing for sure. Going to give up sugar and flour and anything alcoholic but for the occasional glass of organic red wine because I’m not an animal. I might give up meat as well just because. We shall see. All I know is that I want to feel fabulous this spring and I’m so tired of gaining and losing the same 10 lbs. It’s really boring.

I had some very strange and apocalyptic dreams as of late. Last night I remember calling out “stop planet” as if I could do that and I looked out the window which was very prehistoric landscape the way los angeles can be (particularly at night). I can’t really say what it was about but I know I felt on edge in the dream and when I woke up. I just feel like there is too much shade going on between friends; too much sangfroid and everybody jockeying for attention that is otherwise not forthcoming. I especially find social media so pat and flat and I really am looking for a way to transcend all this nonsense. We have some irons on the fire for sure. And I’ve watched supposedly gungho people drop the ball. It’s really boring and nothing else but. It isn’t bothersome per se. But I do resent all the dinners and meetings with people that go nowhere. Anyway, ones good comes over calm sees and success does find us already in the process of exploring our good. I’ve hung around with a lot of materialists over the years and it is a double edged sword for sure. It’s going to feel good to feel good again. And that will come from the return to the daily constitutionals once this winter weather takes a powder. We are nearly there. We all have responsibility to be as happy as we can.

Sometimes on PBS or other stations they would feature kind of oldies concerts. Well now oldie concerts feature people who are that much older than I am. It’s so boring to talk about age; it’s just as bad as talking about weight. And yet it is impossible not to measure I feel sometimes. But there are magic ways to turn back the clock. You’ll see. I’ll be doing just that myself over the next couple of weeks leading to the astrological new year.


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