Scorpio 11° (November 4)


Setting up for the Bill Mahergument. I’ve gotsd lotsa notes on this, all different places. This is where I think I will pick up working my magical way through the little pale blue book, one of my favorite things (favorite rhyming with right!) The blue book was giving me life. Today I must fight the fear that accompanies procrastination. Is it fear or guilt or despair or some major combo platter thereof. (I think one of my greatest psychological challenges has stemmed from a situation that occurred in 2014 which was devestating on a number of levels. People should never be labeled anything. But we all have pain; and I believe we feel it because it is something we must reckon with; and I suppose on that note that I am grateful for the pain.)

I was thinking again about the Bhagavad Gita. For now I’m going to make it all I need as a go to support during the next three and a half weeks. There is something cosmic going on today for sure—today being two days after Thanksgiving, actually, as I’m in the midst of filling in some blocks of text, mainly, for bulk. I do think bulk is important. Anyway was watching Globe Trekker with Bobby Chinn and there is something so weird and cool about him and yet something sad and tricky. A Gemini maybe. Hey I’ll look it up be right back: Nope he’s an Aries and a New Zealander. Sounds like he’s from Brooklyn. Interesting. Anyway, he was doing a show about Ireland yesterday and it was inspiriting and then now today I see this:

I cannot believe we might be going to Ireland. I do think it best we go to London roundtrip. Can we stop and see Jackie and Laurence en route to Wales? Why not? Though I now know they are only an hour from town. Oh well. I wrote Jackie back. She will have written me in a week or so’s time to express her dissatisfaction with me. And then I’ll do something stupid and awkward with messaging on Instagram. (Another) anyway, I go on to say: Ireland is doubltess my siritual home. It rivals Italy for that distinction only wins the contest.

Oh good lord another synchronicity. The next thing in the little blue book is “rearrange living room paintings;” I did that in part yesterday afternoon. Good lord what is going on. I also have a box of frames to go to to match some artwork we have. It’s all in an effort to get back into the aesthetic side of life which must change. The metaphorical age group. That is something to add to the script I think, in simpler terms. We can’t tell you everything is the conceit. Bob Sanborn equals Palm Springs; but I think we decided not to go there after all. If I go anywhere I would love for it to be Europe. I will need to put a Brian King into place to host the evening. Superpower and shadow side, that’s what the show is all about.

I was thinking of shaping a novel around the twenty four characters in sextrology. I think because I am assymetrical I draw assymetrically. Is that a thing? Past and distant past. 1968 and 1806 perhaps. I don’t know I think the original should just be 1805 maybe. The year our house was built the house can even be the model if we wanted it to be. The house should not be big and there should be a creek with watercress. Perhaps I can superimpose the whole thing upon it. The beach and the ponds and the town center and all things historical. I think that would be just wild. I think I’ll have to be something of an historian this year I guess. That and embark upon my publishing dynasty. I need to turn that entire energy around. Also I don’t have to feel bad about certain endings. I didn’t initiate. I do not pretend to seek power by means of elimination like some queens.


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