Scorpio 10° (November 3)


Contents of the little blue notebook: Start an “estracted sotries” file into which to flow show, s+c W.I.T. material. Put the sponsors on the webstie. Download contracts G. Potter, Fishback, Illustrious, Tamy Faye. Abel. A serious argument for astrology (I think we will do that tomorrow). Blue Paint, Mail Spot, Yoga shorts. John Kelly; votives.

That little splay of experience in words reminds me of times I’d go to JD’s to bathe. I’d bring all my stuff and sort of plop down in the kitchen and stand around the omphalos, that tree-section round table, cutting board he had. This time of year is tough, with Thanksgiving coming up. I never thought certain experiences would end and then they do and it just feels awful. But reading that wonderful thing today about grief, something I do assign to the sign of Scorpio in that: Grief is an honor of sorts. That when we grieve we give praise. Something along those lines. I’ll go back to the little blue notebook and see what I can find:

Leo man is god co-creator. Lipnik, Krone, Jungr, King, Self, Steele. I am reminded that I need to check in with everybody about their emotional whereabouts. I am determined to take stock of folks. Next Glow Molly Pope? Julien Fleischer? Blue Yarn Sweater underam fix hole white shirt. Confirm. People, whether unconsciously or consciously who seem…Leo woman plays cat and mouse. Superpowers. Dissolving drifting The Sinking siren. 77 Parrats. 78 Grease. Trace’s house (after freshman year) also beach haven with alnors? 76 Traces monica tampon…oh that was 79

Monday. List of outstanding materials. August info build website/exel program. Plop in photos. Make roster. Create tix infor for venue. Flow all to Jesse. Tuesday Book Train and Ferry and Hotel Confirm MFA. Eight weeks offensive.

You have to include everything. You can’t be so black or white. You are not good nor are you evil if you indulge in certain behaviors whether or not said behavior is good for you. It needn’t have resonance behind it’s own action—it needn’t be the sign of some spin down or other. You don’t have prents looking over your should and you’re inot in trouble. A thought that is comforting to know that friends might play that part in your life sometime. You have an off-switch and you know when to use it. Like now. YOu can ritualize instead of rationalize. Imagine that guild doesn’t play a part.

Read the Bhagavad Gita. I cannot believe I spelled that correctly just typing wildly. It’s almost weird that this is true. I have always thought to travel with it and to keep it as my spritual substance. I think I will do that!!

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