Scorpio 9° (November 2)

So begins my making some notes for our new show coming up in just five weeks. I’m a bit late getting started but what the hell that’s okay. It will actually be weeks before I have anything solid but the good news is I’m not reinventing the wheel and the song choices will come to light as they always do. Tornado warning in effect now! Academic Taja Peeps. Making molehills out of mountains. Any old crap (a w’s guide). Writing sic. might be in a sense, like writing series of pamplets. I was going to do diary of a n.w…but sic can be writing about writing, relating times in my life in terms of what I was doing with words. The Cosmic Blague and American Baroness are surely our “culural essayist” assays. Both are also deeply steeped in observational comedy. Show-wise, I think we can be sildly powetic, metaphysical, funny, musical, wise and magic.


Gemini: I like the notion of Mercury having the inside track. Expert at lots of business, acting wise, close at hand. Everything happening in quick succession. She’s doing so much. Like a Rosalind Russell.

Libra: He can be the most misunderstood, the most scrutinized or feels himself to be. Libra is great at the outside of ideas, shaping and branding existing entities especially. Not so great with internal process? Not sure about that one. The Candidate & The Class.

Scorpio Woman: Looking for the making of a man. She “catches” ideas like a spider in a web. Perhaps both men and women of the sign seek to catch you in a web.

Sag: Eye on the target but TK a great expanse. Wanderlust.


I was alone this weekend but it wasn’t very eventful. I did get in touch with Dave which was long overdue; and was entertaining watching some James Bond. I cannot crack the code on these two last signs but I will do so by the time S. comes home on Saturday. I am feeling fairly optimistic at this juncture. I have a number of wheels in motion but that is the point: they are in motion. I’m starting to get some design ideas already too which is pretty wonderful. In many ways S. and I are so much in synch. It is obvious to me that I have to be the rather mysterious man behind the curtain with this new enterprise. It’s not a place I want to be the “face”; of course when it comes to events I will be very much involved.

I binge watched all of House of Cards this season and, though it wasn’t the most magnificent thing I’ve seen on television I did think it was better than most and the acting really turned me on. Also just getting closer and, mostly, en route to getting it: seeing Robin Wright in action. There is no better designed mechanism than she walking in heels.


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