Scorpio 8° (November 1)


S went to Boston this morning. I am going to try to finish what I started. I will have no distractions (unfortunately) and I will get through the last two signs but for these damned Pisces intros. What is it about that sign that confounds me. Anyway also addicted to new Sabrina on Netflix. I was a huge fan of Archies Comics as a kid. I loved all the gang. I think of them in terms of archetype now. Like I know Archie is a Leo and that Reggie is a Scorpio. I want to say Veronica might also be Scorpio but she could also be a Taurus. And Betty could be Taurus or Libra. I want to say Taurus because she’s the more natural one—the Maryann to Veronica’s Ginger—but she’s really kind of smart and almost a bit androgyne in her spirit so I’m going to say she’s a Libra. And I’m going to make the southern belle that is Veronica a Taurus, because she does have that feigned innocence thing going on.

It’s still a parable bc maybe theres a certain kind of wisdom that is beyond us.Go higher than Bill M. Logical, structured and valid system for self-realizationJung, Steiner, and other mystics an seers that Joseph Campbell bc it is a system that is complex and seemingly very carefully thought out an steeped in myth and therefore imbued with that powerPersonal development Developing our NPR PBS aspect of our brand Which has always been there With wit and humor is a huge part of the appeal

Radio and television is entertaining enlightenment

Cheeky and a bit sexy or provocative

Sextrology the evolution of the writing was a combination of us wanting to assert a philosophy of the signs by gender archetype and yet the publisher was looking for a sexy astrology book, we weren’t going to say no, so we managed to create this high low hybrid that really resonated with readers and was unique to the genre. We’re still unique to the genre. Additionally, we put this fashionable spin on it. Our publishers didn’t believe we would pull of what we did. Fast forward fifteen years and the world has caught up to the genre(s) we pioneered in our chic, progressive way. So yeah…I came upon a list…or rather a sort of collection of thoughts. It is probably nearly a year old.

Event planner list

Magazine editor list. March is the start of the astrological new year. Your Year in Love, Abundance, and Creativity. Paris consultation. Quiet short term let Paris then to Switzerland then to Venice and back then to Zurich and some place fab en route back to Paris. Fashion Week? Fly roundtrip Danish Air.

Well I’m sure it was about the product, or rather about the getting of the money for the product. I need to let people know in no uncertain terms that this is what we’re doing: raising money; and that there is a percentage/fee in it for anyone who brings in X-amount. I want to find the money myself I really truly do. It comes down to asking people with millions to burn—starting with those closest to me, but not those who pay for Afterglow that’s a different situation.

I want to go through and profile people on Facebook, one at a time, to profile who they are and what they do and to outline them. I know I will never do this.  Also through the birthday list to determine what signs they are for the coming year. Also need to make a list of things to discuss with Shira. All these things surface while I’m swimming. Also to revisit the budget and make some magic truly happen in the coming year.

I mentioned swimming which makes me think that I may have made these notes while staying at the Aldwych, which is not only my favorite place to swim but one of my proverbial happy places. As tacky as that hotel can be in a number of ways there is something about being able to go to that pool that is just brilliant. I am headin to London next week—but not staying there—but perhaps I can return to happyville anyway.

A little bit of dada: Slaughter of the innocents. Flow and Ease. Cartouche. Waht was that thing we talked about? Avatar 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Framing lessons? Want to make faux modern art with found paint and objects. What is hay house. Here I am.  I was born with a birthmark that ran/runs from my left breast down and around along my left arm. My family called it the cofee stain.

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