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I have never really liked Halloween. I have a lot of trauma surrounding it I think. One year I wasn’t allowed to go because I had to go to a Giants game with my father. I hated going to the Giants games. They were so boring. They never through the ball. It was just constant grunting and drunk men peeing in giant troughs. It was just disturbing over all. When I would go I would end up being tortured somehow. Or it was some kind of reminder of how marginalized I was by other kids in those years before high-school popularity popped in. Lots of urban myths surrounding this day. And it always seemed a holiday for the low-brow. Roseanne likes Halloween. And the population of Provincetown loves it too. But nowadays the people that populate the place all seem to have expert costumers, hair and makeup artists. It’s just a stupid holiday overall. And one reason never ever to move to Salem, Massachusetts. I do want to make some strong decisions and some bold moves. I need to limit what we do overall and to focus, focus, focus. A blast from the past:

 The Aries Woman

She likes to be pursued and can be quite cool and aloof, deriving a special thrill from watching her suitors fight over her. In a love bond, the Aries girl tends to wear the pants and often prefers flings to more serious relationships.

The Aries Man

He needs to be the pursuer in the relationship and will fight for the woman he loves. But he’s also unapologetic in his brash approach, just as he is about his sudden disinterest in a woman. So it’s best to try to keep this man guessing.

The Taurus Woman

She needs to be prized and often prefers all things feminine, if not a bit frilly. This gal also typically has a checklist of required attributes in a partner and she’ll hold out for “the one” to come along. Patience is a Bull girl’s premier virtue.

The Taurus Man

He needs to be worshipped — in the worst way. As the zodiac’s “collector,” he likes to know there are many women carrying a torch for him at any given time, but he’ll appreciate a take-charge partner who outshines all others in her pursuit of him.

The Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is really into messing with a guy’s head. She likes to be in control, and yet she’s also the most vulnerable of the signs.

The Gemini Man

This is a guy who wants to have fun. His role in all things relationship- and sex-oriented can be related to his Peter Pan complex — he doesn’t seem to want to grow up.

The Cancer Woman

Cancer woman — talk about sexy. Not only does she have a ton of sexual needs but, of all the signs, she is also the most sexually demonstrative.

The Cancer Man

The Cancer man is the greatest lover of women. He’s very attune to a woman’s needs and appreciates really in-charge females.

The Leo Woman

She loves passion, yet she doesn’t want to be overpowered. This woman tends to seek out men who are fiery, but who also love their moms.

The Leo Man

He typically seeks women with natural beauty and can have an old-fashioned view of what a woman’s role should be. Yet, he doesn’t want a pushover — you’ll need to be authoritative or he’ll lose interest.

The Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is the Eliza Doolittle of the signs: She wants to “do little” when it comes to her relationships. She is also inclined to make herself over into what she believes her man wants.

The Virgo Man

This guy tends to try to change his mate — he has this perfection thing going. Often he ends up with women who find that sort of attention nurturing. There’s an altruistic aspect to his behavior … very Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.

The Libra Woman

The Libra woman likes pretty mates — she’s very attracted to androgynous beauty. In terms of her relationship habits, she doesn’t want to be second banana: She needs to be in control.

The Libra Man

He is very into women who have both classical beauty and high self-esteem. This guy tends to go for women who keep themselves on pedestals.

The Scorpio Woman

She wants to kill off every bad quality a guy has; that way he can become his best possible self — which means she needs a partner who will let her make him over from the inside out.

The Scorpio Man

He isn’t overwhelmed by anything female. In relationships he is all or nothing, seeking body and soul possession. Scorpios are the sexiest sign, yet they don’t generally feel that way, especially the men.

The Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman wants to blind you with her radiance. And she typically looks for a man like Sex and the City‘s Mr. Big.

The Sagittarius Man

This guy is very “try-sexual” — he has few boundaries in the bedroom. He is also over-the-top in both his affections and in his demands. Typically, he goes for a glamazon type of woman.

The Capricorn Woman

This woman tends to like her men young. She also enjoys being worshiped, yet she’ll always keep a large part of herself hidden.

The Capricorn Man

This guy can be a tough one, as he isn’t always forthcoming. He is apt to have a wife at home and some sexy sugar on the side (and tends to like ’em young).

The Aquarius Woman

She is the most easygoing of the female signs — she can live in a man’s world, even when it’s littered with pizza boxes. But she always keeps a suitcase packed under the bed … and when she’s gone, she’s gone for good.

The Aquarius Man

This guy wants to play guru and be followed. He also wants to decide what his and his mate’s lifestyle will be like, meaning he has to be with a woman who is comfortable letting a guy make all the decisions for her.

The Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman wants it all: She craves the sexy beast, the artist and the guy who will bring home the bacon. And she often goes from one man to another.

The Pisces Man

He needs a confident woman who doesn’t seek any kind of validation. This guy is emotionally hands-off, believing that if you must discuss or analyze your feelings, they cease to be real.

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