Taurus 15° (May 5)


Today has been a productive day but I am feeling my oats. That is to say that I don’t think I’m too old, afterall, to have spring fever in a big way. Speaking of oats: Must remember to make overnight version tonight as I am “off bread” and, for the next six days, especially, will be living on soup and sunlight. Thank you daily constitutionals by the raging atlantic sea which has actually only been fairly calm as of late. That will change. To live near the open ocean continues to be the goal. It has been a constant happiness.

The glory of this day is that I shall have a goodly amount of time to get things done; and will be fun to have a last Lambrusco night, before rest on Sunday and then a sobering week. My dreams are getting dark. And time will have a tendency to speed up. One must therefore do all in his power to stay on the side of light and health. Those dreams have a labyrinthian underbelly aspect, as if being perpetually in some kind of basement, deepest darkest subconcious where Mick Jagger in a hospital gown with a giant dick protruding and disembodied parapalygics, guts spilling out into their wheelchairs, are just some of the elements of this landscape, the colors of which are stereotypically black and darkest red. Dreams so horrific that they can’t help but spook you in waking life, making it feel like something sinister may be around the corner.

Caught the Hall of Fame inductions. Lauren Hill. I know but still. Lauren Hill. So glad I tuned in for the Nina Simone segment. Wow. All in all I am trying to see the progress and divine some clear paths, all of which should lead to sharing what we know about what we do and our gifts as performers and personalities for a greater good. Entertaining Enlightment™must remain one of our watchwords. I must challenge myself with this show this year or else I don’t know how I’ll feel particularly. I do need a new kind of sense of accomplishment, and although I know this may be had by upping my game across the board, in all I do, I feel the specific need to excel, singularly, in this one arena.

One must be one’s best friend to the fullest in exercising ones ability to be a friend from both angles. I know what I mean by that: As the giver and the receiver. Okay time to go.


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